The At-Home Self-Care Guide: From Skin to Hair

Taking care of ourselves, our body, and our mind is something that everyone needs to take note of. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I really started to take more time for myself, whether it was spending time alone, practicing meditation once a week, taking better care of my body, not being so hard on myself, and more. It only took me years to finally realize that being stressed, worrying, and overthinking everything is not only making my life harder, but would seriously affect my mentality and health in the future.

I put together some of the best and my personal favorite self-care tips and advice to just take life a little bit easier and to treat ourselves every now and then, or everyday if you want. It is so important to incorporate all of these things into your life or at least adjust them. Of course, it can be hard to add new things into your everyday routine but I learned that you need to make sacrifices for things especially when it comes to yourself. These sacrifices I have learned over time, definitely benefited me in the future and I’m so glad I am now in a completely new mindset shift. If you like these tips, or have some of your own that you’d love for others to know, leave a comment!

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As much as quarantine has had all of us rearrange our sleeping schedule, and not in the good way, it is a little bit harder now to readjust as school is getting closer or if you’re just starting work again. As a girl who is just about to start college this month and a new job, prioritizing my sleep is something I need to work on which is why getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is something I seriously recommend. The time you wake up and how you do it, seriously affects your attitude for the rest of the day. if you go to sleep late, wake up late, and get used to doing this, not only does your entire routine get messed up but your body gets used to it as well and this will do more harm than good in the future for you.

I used to go to sleep between 4 and 6 in the morning which is not only terrible but would make me feel so bad the next day. Not only would I get no time to do anything during my actual day, but I’d be so tired from the night before. Now, I only do this about once every week so I’ve definitely gotten better, but I’ve been going to sleep a little bit before 3 am now so I don’t wake up in the afternoon even though I love to have my late mornings.


Although cleaning is not a fun topic for some, it is also a therapeutic way to get people’s mind off of things and to just feel that there is less clutter or dirt around them. Even if you don’t like cleaning, moving furniture around your room or your house can also put you in a better mood. My sister just recently rearranged her room over the weekend and my mom and I can’t get over how great it looks and it is so much more neater and less cluttered. So this goes to show that even though she didn’t buy any new furniture, just moving some things around even your bed or desk can give the whole room a new vibe and energy.

Cleaning is something I definitely get from my mom because she is a clean freak. She seriously can never relax and just loves finding something new around the house to do that involves cleaning. I’m not complaining that I get this from her because it really is fun to just blast some music, get your cleaning supplies, and clean around!


Meditation is something I feel should be normalized because it leaves you with such a positive and uplifting feeling afterwards. I remember the first time I did it, and I was just so relaxed and felt as if all this weight was lifted off my shoulder. Everyone will experience something different with meditation, but it all depends on your attitude going into it. You could find a clip on Youtube, a simple 10 minute one, put your headphones in, and just lay down somewhere or do what the video tells you too. If you really relax yourself and don’t overthink it too much, you will find yourself in a state of peace and positivity.

Giving yourself that 10 to 20, even 30 minutes of meditation every week or everyday if you can, will being you so much more peace to your life. It relaxes every inch of your body and you feel as if you are literally floating around. That’s how I see it and although I haven’t meditated in a couple of months, I still remember how great I felt after I did it several times during the school year. I was so stressed because of college and applications and just need a sense of release and just doing it for 10 minutes even helped me.


Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars is NOT required for you to treat yourself. If you have the money then of course go for it, I would. But, realistically however much spending works for you, I would advise doing that too. Every now and then, I buy myself something small whether it’s stocking up on new candles from TJ Maxx, getting some throw pillows from Home Goods, ordering a couple of tops, and more. I’m not saying to go and buy yourself stuff you don’t need such as from Amazon, but if there’s a sweater or a pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing for a while and feel like now is the perfect time for you, this is your sign to go and buy it and treat yourself.


When you look good, you feel good and I used to have the worst skin ever. It wasn’t until the middle of high school that I finally got some good products that worked well together, were affordable, and made my skin great. I do have some imperfections here and there just like everybody else, but prioritizing my skin is something I love doing and you should too! You don’t need to spend $100 on a face mask or an oil, but testing out some new products or going to your dermatologist is also a great way to get on the road for better skin if you’re struggling.

And no one’s skin is perfect either so don’t compare yourself to that girl on Instagram who probably is photoshopping her skin to make it look perfect. I’m not judging either in any way because I strongly believe in people doing what makes them happy no matter what, but way too many girls and guys judge themselves based off what they see on social media which is so toxic. All I am saying it, getting a new moisturizer or prepping your skin with a new face mask can be fun and you can even do it with some friends or your mom!


As someone who has a curly hair, I have tried so many different products to see not only what works best for my hair, but will continue leaving me with the same curl results every time I wash it. Just like your skin, you should also be taking care of your hair. Getting a new haircut, or trimming your ends when it’s time, even dying your hair if you’ve wanted to can be fun little ways to get out of that funk you’re in. As mentioned before, when you look, you feel good and don’t be afraid to go all out every once in a while and get your hair professionally done. With my hair being curly, I love having it straight and feeling like a totally different person. If you want that blowout, beachy curls, or just need something new, go for it!

Confidence, Manifesting, + Pep Talks

Giving yourself a pep talk and feeling your best everyday is the foundation to everything I mentioned in this blog post. Without confidence and truly feeling like your very best self, you won’t find much change in anything you do. It took me years to get the confidence and happiness I am at right now and I seriously never thought I’d be able to say that. Life has been going in such a great direction for me and everyday I pinch myself just at the thought of how happy I am. Even keeping a journal and writing about how your day was is something that lets you get your feelings out and not have so much in your head.

Standing in front of the mirror every day and just admiring yourself or taking some selfies can also be fun and a huge confidence booster. I know for me, everyday before I go out or I try on an outfit before I head out too, being in the mirror for a couple of minutes just really makes you feel so great. I have also gotten back into manifesting which I started doing back in December of 2019 and continued until April of 2020, but then I got lazy due to quarantine and being at home for so long. I was at really low points and felt so sad at times due to everything going on in the world. I started this blog, made so many new connections with people on social media in my same interest, and began to manifest again which makes me feel so happy after I’m done. Even listening and finding new podcasts everyday for me, is so fun and motivating to get me moving or doing something productive.

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