Dana Nozime: Fashion Influencer and Model

Fashion is a world which allows anyone to use clothing, shoes, accessories, and more to express themselves in a way where words don’t have to. As we continue our Influencer Interview series, we have spoken to Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozime, also known as @dananozime on Instagram. Not only does she actively post her sweet and feminine sense of style, but she has curated the perfect feed ranging from soft silky dresses, to swimwear, to pretty white peonies and strappy tops.

Nozime’s simple yet beautifully elegant style drew me to want to connect and dive much deeper beyond the photos and from what her followers see on their feed. Read along to get to know Dana Nozime and how fashion became a part of her everyday life.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, your career, etc.)
    • D: Hi! I’m Dana and just turned 23 on the 14th of February (yes, Valentine’s Day! Cupid did that). I grew up in the northern suburbs of IL for my entire life and now I’m living in Chicago. I prefer night over day, tea over coffee, summer over winter, skincare over makeup, and silk over lace.

  • When did fashion start to become a part of your life?
    • D: Fashion started becoming a part of my life the moment I started playing with dolls. My mother can sew, so growing up I was always gifted personalized looks for all of my dolls.
  • What do you feel most confident in? And tips for confidence when dressing out of your comfort zone?
    • D: I feel the most confident in anything that really inspires me- whether it’s a specific piece or the overall look. When it comes to dressing out of your comfort zone I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and personal style. Also fashion should be used to express yourself and never be taken THAT seriously, so have fun with it.

  • When did fashion start to become a part of your life?
    • D: I think one of the best things for stressful days is lavender oil. I own an essential oil diffuser but I also love to make my own mixture and spritz it on my silk bedding at night or before a quick recharge nap. The aroma literally lifts the stress right out of me. I also love to lounge in this gorgeous baby pink silk pajama set from the brand M-KAE. https://m-kae.com/collections/lingeri/products/silk-lace-set

  • How did you grow your account to where you are now? (The negatives and positives you encountered?)
    • D: I always get this question a lot! In the world of social media everyone can easily get caught up in the amount of followers they have which results in a lot of people buying them. I can proudly say that my growth in followers has been completely organic in the sense that I’ve slowy acquired them and haven’t purchased them or likes. My favorite thing about the growth of my account is exposure which obviously is mostly everyone’s goal when it comes to a large following. I have gotten to work with many inspiring and amazing brands. It almost doesn’t feel real. The only negative aspect I’ve encountered is the “pressure”. I think once you start to see the large number of people who like, save, and send your posts all over the world it can be kind of intimidating. It can make you feel very vulnerable at times but I never let that overpower my creative vision and what I want to do with my account.
  • Your favorite place that you have traveled to and why? Where would you like to go next?
    • D: My favorite place I’ve traveled this year would be Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Everything about it is so breathtaking and my favorite experience was eating at an Italian restaurant there called La Cappella. We dined on an open balcony at sunset which overlooked a beautiful view of the ocean. Once the sunset, the whole place was lit up by candles and live violinists played for everyone dining (definitely the most romantic vibe ever). I would love to visit Greece next!

  • What are some of your favorite go-to beauty brands — whether it’s clothes, jewelry, makeup, skincare, etc.
    • D: One thing I’m currently working on within the realm of beauty and self-care is hair growth & health. I use to have the longest hair but my career as a model and having textured curly hair resulted in me working with people that literally ruined my hair because they didn’t know how to properly do it. I’m currently using an oil by the brand MFLORENS who is the savior of clean hair care. My hair has grown so much and my curls are so healthy.  You can use code: “MFLORENSXDANA” for 10% off your purchase. This is the current product I’m using that has been an absolute lifesaver https://www.mflorens.com/products/no-1
  • Is there is a company you would love to collaborate with?
    • D:  I actually have collaborated with my DREAM brand. Orseund Iris reached out to me asking if I would like to pick out some of their pieces and have them sent to me. It honestly felt surreal once I received the package filled with dreamy silk pieces from them. This is a brand that inspires me so much. What I love the most about their designs is that they have so many must-have pieces that will always be a moment (think handing down silk “vintage” pieces to your granddaughter one day). They make and sell beautiful clothing that so many other empowering and beautiful women wear. To be apart of that means the world to me.
  • What is your vision for yourself, your life, and your future?
    • D: My vision for myself… I’ve always had a love for fashion/style and the way in which it provides me the opportunity to be completely creative with it. I hope to grow my account and brand into something that is inspiring for many women, especially WOC (women of color). As a mixed woman it’s so important to me that I make it a part of my mission to provide inspiration to women like me. When you grow up without a lot of representation in something you love it really does make that thing almost your enemy. You will constantly compare yourself to something you can never be. I think representation and diversity have increased in the industry of fashion since social media has taken over but we still have a long way to go and I would love to be able to contribute to the growth of that.

If you love Dana’s content and would like to see more of her, check out her Instagram down below: @dananozime

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