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Playlog: Content Creation Taken To The Next Level

Social media consists of platforms where you can look at the latest trends, connect with others and be inspired. This is exactly what Playlog — a digital play space has done for creators! Read along for everything you need to know on how you can benefit as a creator, why you should become a Blogger, monetizing your content and more!

What To Expect At This Year’s NYFW: Shows, Events, Celebs & More

Fashion Week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year and we can’t wait to see what is going to be brought. Social media gives us a great point of view on some fun events going on, how the public can get involved, dressing up for these shows, and more fun activities.

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“She goes to the beach, she eats ice cream, she plays tennis and she falls in love”

– Simon Porte jacquemus

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Sunday in bed, fresh flowers from the shop, reading in the morning, biscuit mini banana rolls for lunch, new bed sheets — a Sunday moodboard

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