What It’s Like To Attend NYFW:  Events, Shows, Networking, Recaps & More!

New York Fashion Week has finished another season and while it was definitely a much more busier one for some people, others may have attended their very first show this year or are looking to get invited next season. As someone who has attended their third NYFW season, I have curated some fun tips and tricks that will definitely help anyone out there looking to attend, network, and much more!

It will never not be amazing to attend these beautiful shows and events that are curated and put together because you get to see months worth of hard work going into one week. Read along for everything you need to know and for some recaps on events attended by Pamela Valdez from the perspective of an influencer, fashion student, and content creator.

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What is NYFW & How Can You Attend?

New York Fashion Week is one week of events from brands, after parties, designers hosting shows, and much more. As you can tell by that sentence, it is basically a week of no sleep as well. Last season in February, I attended two shows, my first season in September 2021, I attended one show and this year it has completely exploded for me in an amazing way. I was invited to several brand events, launches, shows, and networking events. I even had to skip out on some events this season just because of all the bustling that was going on. It definitely is a crazy week but if you’re a fashion lover, you will love it and seeing everything come to life.

As a fashion student or a college student in general, you can attend NYFW in multiple ways. If you are a student, you can reach out to designers and be their assistant for the week or help them prep for anytime they need behind the scenes. You can also volunteer to be backstage at shows and get the models read, run around to prep the show, and much more that is needed. Unfortunately for a lot of these backstage assistance positions, you will probably get little to no pay since a lot of brands like to base it off experience for students or creators.

Another way you can attend is as a content creator or fashion blogger. I share a lot of behind the scenes tips, email templates and more on my Tiktok linked here which can help for anyone who needs guidance to look to attend. CFDA releases the NYFW calendar a few weeks before the actual NYFW and you are able to see which brands and designers are going to having shows. For some of the smaller brands, you can easily search up on their website in the “contact us” section for a PR or press email and go about that way. Draft up an email for why you think you should attend, attach a media kit, hyperlink your social channels and press send! Make sure you’re not putting too much info in your email as you’re writing it because the shorter they are, the better. Remember, short and sweet is the best.

Shows & Events Attended This Season

Many brands and designers invited me to their shows and events which I am beyond grateful for so here are some of the ones I attended that I absolutely loved and what we did at these events or shows:

  1. Chillhouse Nail Appointment & Allure Store Emilie Heath Event — Allure Store invited me to come and get my nails done, enjoy refreshments and snacks at their store to prepare me for Fashion Week. Chillhouse also invited me to come to their location and get a fresh manicure in exchange for a Tiktok on my social media and I had a blast!
  2. Sekkisei Skincare Launch at The Well —Sekkisei invited me to a restaurant / store called The Well where there was a energy healing and meditation class as well as learning about the skincare brand, sustainability and much more. I LOVED this event and it was one of my favorites from the week.
  3. Lillian Jenae Show — My friend Jillian had her NYFW show that she’s been working on for months and she did such an amazing job. I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to see all her hard work from the past few months come down to one afternoon and she displayed and designed everything perfectly.
  4. SESPRING Skincare Event — SESPRING invited me to the allure store to grab a gift bag full of skincare goodies, take some photos and grab some snacks while chatting with other creators. This was such a cute and fun event and the Allure Store always knows how to throw a perfect event.
  5. REVOLVE Gallery — REVOLVE dressed me for NYFW to attend their gallery and make content in exchange for attending. This was my first time ever attending REVOLVE gallery and the best part is that anyone can attend this and you can easily RSVP on their website to experience this and get the chance to get some drinks and chat along with friends.
  6. Abby Roberts x GENIES NYFW Party — I worked with the GENIES app a few weeks ago on Tiktok and in exchange for this, they invited me to their NYFW event and party which was so cute! It was a cry interactive party meaning you can grab drinks and snacks, but there are photos opps, and you could also design shirts and pants that were available there.
  7. Spring Studios Show for Newleaper — I was reached out to by the Newleaper team to attend their show at Spring Studios and I love attending shows here because they are always so put together and it feels so fancy walking in there and being handed Perrier, the music, the vibes and everything is just perfect. This was my second show at Spring Studios and I am looking forward to more seasons there.
  8. Lou Lou Damour Show at Runway 7 — This was my last show for the season. I was reached out to early in the summer by Lou Lou Damour to attend their show at Runway 7 which was so cute because it is a French inspired brand and as someone who has been to France twice, I loved this!

How To Network, Go To Brand Events & Tips To Stand Out

Attending events hosted by brands and getting invites can be done within a few ways. These are the ways that have personally helped me get invited to a lot of these cool events and put myself out there that I believe can totally help anyone else out there looking to do this as well!

  1. Post on social media!! — This may seem like a silly or unimportant tip but the only way I have been able to be on the radar of some brands and PR people is because the more I post on social media and the more I put myself out there, you will reap the rewards and the benefits of your hard work. I posted on Tiktok for months with no brand deals, no partnerships or anything because I genuinely loved posting and making videos. I learned to get comfortable in front of the camera and knew that in the long run this would benefit me and I was right. On my tiktok I go way more in depth about this to find your niche, what kind of videos to post about, etc.
  2. Connect with PR people & brands online — On LinkedIn, it is so easy to search up PR coordinators, influencer marketing coordinators and more from those who work at your favorite companies. On LinkedIn, a friend request is called a “connection” so connect with as many people that you can, cold email or message them and ask to chat and ask a few questions or even meet up if you’re nearby. You can also search up PR people that work at these brands on Instagram and follow them if they’re public. Often times they show the behind the scenes of their work and what they do so you can see a real life POV from their Instagram stories and even swipe up!
  3. Comment and be active on your favorite brands’ accounts — A few months ago back in May I commented on a brands’ tiktok video about an upcoming event they were going to be hosting. I commented that I’d love to attend and a few weeks later, they emailed me saying they loved my content and would love to invite me! It was all about just commenting and the brand happened to notice me and my content. It sometimes can just be luck, but you never know if you don’t try. Comment and be active on the pages of your favorite accounts especially if they have a big presence and are active online. You never know if they will notice you!
  4. Utilize LinkedIn and the power of outreach — I just recently made a tiktok talking about how to utilize LinkedIn as a content creator and the many ways that it goes beyond just applying for jobs and internships. Take advantage of this and use it the most you can especially while you’re in college and working your way up!

How You Can Prep For Next Season

The biggest way to prepare yourself for the upcoming fashion week seasons ahead, is by starting now! Figure out the way you’re looking to attend these shows and make a plan from there. If you want to attend as a fashion blogger, start up a blog or dig up that blog you’ve been working on but never got to be active on because you’ve been busy. Start creating a schedule to post on there and work really hard every week to get to where you want to be. When the time comes around for fashion week, use your blog as a leg up to reach out to brands and use it to pitch yourself.

If you are looking to attend fashion week as a content creator, you need to have content out there so figure out which platform you’re going to be active on and start posting. Whether it’s Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube, etc. Just do your thing, be confident and start creating and posting content. Be authentic and be yourself because that is what will make people want to know more about you and be invested in what you do and your work. Don’t have a negative mindset and really push yourself to see where you can be. Challenge yourself to where 4 months from now you can see how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve come. When CFDA releases the NYFW calendar a few months from now, you will be very prepared and I hope to see all of you at a fashion week show living out your dreams.

Thank you so much for reading! 
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