The Matilda Djerf Effect: Her Influence, Djerf Avenue & Why We’re So Obsessed

Everyone has their favorite influencer or person they follow online. This can be someone they get a lot of inspiration from for fashion, maybe cooking ideas, and more. Personally, we have to go with Matilda Djerf who is a Sweden based influencer who currently runs her own brand called Djerf Avenue that is all about being the most confident and chic version of yourself which was inspired by the team’s love for basics in your closet and vintage clothing!

The girls that get it, get it. And the girls that don’t, don’t. So if you love Matilda or maybe you simply want to become more familiar with who she is and her brand, then definitely keep reading. We don’t doubt that by the end of this you will be running to Djerf Avenue to snag some pieces or add them to your wishlist and of course, stalk Matilda’s Tiktok which you’ll find several outfit of the day videos, her at the Djerf Avenue office or her adorable dog Rufus.

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Who is Matilda Djerf?

Matilda Djerf is currently sitting on a little over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She is a influencer best known for her effortless and very chic looks. From oversized button up shirts, to linen pants, New Balance sneakers, knee high boots, and more, you will more than likely be convinced to incorporate some of her style into your own with how effortless it is!

Djerf is a Swedish influencer as we mentioned before, and she is currently running her brand Djerf Avenue with her boyfriend Rasmus Johansson and they had an adorable pup named Rufus. Together, they are the ultimate trio that is running our Tiktok FYP and Instagram stories day by day.

Over on her Tiktok, she has 1.1 million followers and we can see she creates, fun, effortless and adorable content. Some of her most liked videos include her doing her hair, which is a topic everyone loves to talk about and try to recreate on their own, she also does outfit styling but in a casual way. She will walk into the camera, add a pair of shoes, a jacket, fluff up her hair and then walk off! We are obsessed.

Why We’re So Influenced By Matilda + Social Media

As we mentioned before, the reason as to why so many talk about Matilda is because of one key factor and that is how she makes everything so effortless! Now, this isn’t to say it in a negative connotation. Being able to watch Matilda’s content and what she posts to see that she doesn’t try too much and is just herself is what makes people talk and people so obsessed with her and her lifestyle.

She can be seen in some photos eating strawberries, wearing fluffy robes, doing her makeup or hair in the mirror, creating a chic and fun Tiktok less than 15 seconds styling an outfit and more. This is all content and things that as a consumer, we love to see. As social media continues to evolve, it is obvious that it is changing and there are some good and bad notes on that. But, social media has become a lot more care free and casual and we love it! Being able to see a photo of someone like Matilda just taking an outfit photo in the street or recording her morning routine and posting it online is definitely something fun to watch and see! Many often recreate her outfits on their own and have their own twist with it which is also cool to notice!

The short answer is, we are so obsessed with the fact that although she is a huge influencer, has done many collaborations and runs a successful business, she is still casual and is in her roots of how her content has always been for years which has helped her get to where she is today and be so well known. I know when we first followed Matilda many many years ago, it was truly because of her style, her life, and how fun, carefree, and positive she was.

What Can We Learn From Matilda’s Style and Influence

After being such a longtime follower of Djerf, something we can all learn from her style and influence is that less is more. Having a casual and more carefree outlook not just on social media, but on life can help take the stress out of so many things. Many look at social media and think you need to have a perfectly curated feed or weeks worth of content ready to go for your audience. When in reality, we should live day by day, and just post as casual as we want! Of course everyone is different, but we see that many creators are starting to shift their content from less curated to more casual!

Grab Some Outfit Inspiration For Yourself

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