Glamour and Guide Founder

I am currently a freshman at The Fashion Institute of Technology living in New Jersey studying Fashion Business Management.

Pamela Massiel Valdez

Wanting to inspire people to use their style to tell a story, I created Glamour & Guide. I have my dream wardrobe, favorite runway shows, editorials, home inspiration, seasonal style and more all here. In Fall 2020, I will be studying Fashion Business Management at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Going to school in New York is a dream of mine since I began my love for fashion from a young age and am now pursuing this industry which is a dream. I love to work where I can be around people, sharing ideas creatively.


SEO Intern for Alliance Disposal LLC

(June 2020 – Present)
Monitored trends for specific posts using Google Analytics and keyword searches, created webpage content using MDX format, and have researched industry and competitors.

Social Media Marketing Intern (Julia Lang Worldwide LLC)

(March – June 2020)
Assisted in managing several social media accounts, performed digital monitoring, brainstormed for social media campaigns, and worked with engagement groups. Responded to all engagement within all social media accounts, looked at analytics of campaigns for better success, multitasked, and assisted in collage work.

PR Editorial Intern (Access by NKC)

(February 2020 – Present)
As a PR Editorial Intern, I create original fashion related content that is relevant to the media, as well as reviews on shows, showcases, fashion weeks, and designers. I also have articles written that have been featured in the Editor’s Pick and I research some of the latest trends and news in this industry as well as in the beauty and travel world.

Content Writer Intern (She’s SINGLE Magazine)

(January – May 2020)
Being a writer intern for She’s SINGLE Magazine has allowed me to developed content online and publish them into the magazine and for the digital publications, coordinate schedules, manage files, and stay up to date on trends. Being aware of the hot topics in the media and always being responsive to publish work actively, has allowed me to improve my work ethic in fast paced environments and areas. I have also had the opportunity to bring my personal work to a larger audience and improve my social media skills.

If you would like to reach out for collaborations, my media kit, inquiries, etc., please email me