How Rare Beauty Is Leaving A Mark In The Beauty Industry: Strategies, Products, Social Media & More!

If you don’t know by now, Selena Gomez is the founder of Rare Beauty — a vegan and cruelty free makeup brand that is loved by thousands on and off of social media. But when it comes to every beauty brand out there, of course you want to stand out and Rare Beauty does just that. This makeup brand goes beyond the products you see online because if you search up Rare Beauty on Google one of the first things that come up is “blush, tinted moisturizer or concealer” meaning everyone is really going after these products and their high quality.

Even on Tiktok, someone can post one video about a blush and have it sell out for months at Sephora just because of organic video marketing. Within this post, we are breaking down everything you need to know about Rare Beauty, their marketing, the team behind the products and posts, their success, social media and how they are teaching you to love your rare self & be confident!

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The Launch of Rare Beauty

When new clothing, makeup and lifestyle brands are announced by celebrities, there is always buzz around the launch and a ton of hype is created on social media. This can typically die out within a few months of the company being out if it doesn’t do anything different compared to other companies out there. Rare Beauty is not one of those. Selena Gomez announced on Tuesday, February 4th on Instagra, that she has been working on a secret and special projects for two years! This was her brand that we know today as Rare Beauty and she also announced it would be in Sephora stories in North America during that summer of 2020!

The brand officially launched and was available September 3rd. Gomez has stated in her video she posted on Instagram talking about the release, that “being rare is about being comfortable with yourself.” She doesn’t care about being the most perfect version of herself, she just wants to be herself. This is what radiates from the entire line of Rare Beauty because we often don’t see this with other brands, especially celebrity ones. Gomez goes on to say that we aren’t defined by how many likes we get on a photo, or what we post online, and what people leave in a comment. “Rare Beauty isn’t about how other people see you. It’s about how you see yourself.”

Since this launch, Rare Beauty has sold out dozens of products, and the hype behind everything is genuine! People seriously love these products — whether it’s lipsticks, blush, tinted moisturizer and more. It is a blend of amazing products with a great message and meaning.

The Power of Social Media

If you search up “Rare Beauty” on Tiktok, one of the first videos you will find is a blush review on their super pigmented liquid blushes. People have even made videos on Tiktok talking about how if you use too much or dip too much out of the blush, you are losing months worth of product because of how much is in it and how much pigmentation there is which is insanely awesome! There are some products out there that require a few swatches before you can see them even be visible on your skin, but with one light dot of their liquid blush on your skin, the pigment and color speaks for itself.

Videos on Tiktok have as much as 1.3 million likes just talking about some products that people genuinely love. You will for sure find thousands of tutorials out there as well and even hacks for how to have your makeup last all day and full face of makeup tutorials using Rare Beauty products only. As soon as a new launch is announced, social media is quick to jump onto these and give their honest opinions of what they think, will it flop, will they be purchasing and more. Rare Beauty recently launched their lipsticks and liners which were their two new lip products — The Kind Words Matte Lipsticks & Liners. These come in 10 shades and you guessed it, the formula is non-drying, can last all day which is what everybody needs, and it is buttery! The liners were also announced to come in 10 shades and it has a built in sharpener. These are also made that they won’t feel sticky.

Gomez has even said in previous interviews “I think Tiktok is so fun. I love watching beauty creators, and I’ve learned so much from them.” (quote from Selena that she gave to Harper’s BAZAAR via email). Something cool and also unheard of that Gomez has done is for these lipsticks and liners which she released in July 2022, is that she announced these would be available secretly on June 29th on the Sephora website so you can get it a week before it comes out! This created scarcity and wanting to give a first impression online before anyone else could get their hands on it!

Something that also has stood out when it comes to Rare Beauty online is their transparency. The Rare Beauty Chief Marketing Office, Katie Welch gives not just career advice and marketing tips on her Tiktok page, but Rare Beauty fans can follow her for exclusive behind the scenes content. This content can include mini vlogs for what happens at Rare Beauty events, visiting Rare Beauty in Sephora’s around the world such as France, Days in the office and what it is like to work for the company and much more! Welch even has content about how to break into the beauty industry, staying on top of retail trends, sample CMO career paths, podcast recommendations, and even Tiktok lives where you can talk to her in real time and ask questions for her to answer! We don’t see many team members of celebrity beauty brands creating content like this and actually having a connection and bond with their audience, consumers and more.

The Success of Rare Beauty and What’s To Come?

There is no doubt that the success of Rare Beauty and what they have accomplished is only going to continue to go uphill from here. If you thought this brand couldn’t get any better, they also have a Rare Impact Fund where they are committed to raise awareness to mental health services and want to create access to this for people of all ages. As of August 2021, they announced $1.2 million in grants alone just to expand Mental Health Resources and Services according to Gomez says on the Rare Beauty blog where she speaks about the impact fund, “Mental health is personal for me. Figuring out how to manage my own mental health hasn’t always been easy…That’s why I launched Rare Impact and the Rare Impact Fund. I hope by sharing my own story and using my brand and platform to talk about and connect more people to resources that support mental health, I can encourage others to get the held they need.” Talk about a woman who does it all!

Within this blog, you will find articles on anxiety, what it is and how to get support, how to be there for others, 11 types of mental health professionals to know and even more. You can sign up to be on their newsletter so you can be the first to know about these. As of April 2022, it is said that Rare Beauty brought in $60 million in revenue in 2021 which is so awesome and we are excited to see what is to come from this company (as featured on We can’t wait for more products Rare Beauty will launch and don’t be surprised if you see a Rare Beauty video on your Tiktok FYP after reading this.

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