Berets, Bucket Hats & More: Why They Never Went Out Of Stye & How You Can Wear Them Too

Hats will forever be a perfect accessory in the fashion world. Whether you are having a bad hair day, maybe you haven’t had the time this week to wash your hair, or you haven’t gotten an appointment at your favorite salon for a beautiful blow out. The best part about wearing hats besides the fact that they’re so cute, is that there’s many different styles including baseball caps, bucket hats and berets. Below, we’ve covered a ton of different ways you can style these hats! Summer is still here so grab them while you can.

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Baseball Caps

Of course anything that Hailey Bieber wears immediately sends the internet into a frenzy and they will get dupes of her outfits, so Hailey wearing a baseball in such a chic way is nothing less than her other trends. This is perfect inspiration for anyone looking to wear a baseball hat but not in a way where it actually looks like you’re going to a baseball game, duh!

Try grabbing a linen shirt or a button up t-shirt and throwing it over a loose t-shirt or tank top. Grab some sweat shorts or biker shorts and the look will be complete with some gold hoops and jewelry. For shoes, opt for some sneakers to get the full sporty look.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are not just for pool and beach days, you can also wear these on a casual day where you feel that your outfit needs just one last accessory to be complete. The best part of bucket hats is that they can be worn all year long. In the summer, bucket hats are perfect for beach days when your hair is a little frizzy from the salt water, and for the days you want to extend your wash days. In the winter, bucket hats also come in sherpa material that are perfect for keeping you warm from the cold weather.

For styling a bucket hat, opt for some linen pants as shown in the photo above and some sandals. Even Birkenstocks are a cute and casual moment with linen pants as well. If your pants are oversized, grab a crop top or tube top. Lastly, add the hat and you’re good to go. Of course don’t forget to accessorize with some rings and hoops.


Berets are the ultimate Parisian accessory and they are something everybody needs in their closet. If you want to add a little bit of a chic moment to your outfit, definitely invest in a beret and don’t be afraid to grab a few colors. These are perfect for all year round as mentioned before and they are definitely a hat that you can never go wrong with.

Some ways you can style it is with a matching tweed skirt and blazer set in the Winter, a blazer with some jeans and flats, or a long sleeve shirt and a skirt. The possibilities are truly endless and don’t forget to tag us if you style any of these hats how we mentioned within this post.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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