How To Not Fall Under The Pressure of Social Media: Overworking, ‘Perfect’ Lives & More

While social media can be an amazing place and platform to share ideas, be creative, and meet new people, it can also stand as something that can cause a lot harm and creates a false narrative too. It’s important to have a balance between casually scrolling through other people’s lives on the internet and then constantly looking at people’s Instagram stories or TikTok’s and wishing your life was like theirs.

We’ve all struggled with this at some point but within this post, we’ve broken down personal tips that can help you break out of this habit and not overwork yourself to live a life like the one you see online, or to break out of the mindset that you want to be perfect. No one is perfect and there’s another side to what see online that many fail to think about.

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Choose Who You Want To Follow

One amazing power that we all have on social media is being able to control who and what we see on our phone. Including blocking, removing, unfollowing and following certain people. At some point in your life, you’re going to remove and take off people from your social media that you went to school with and it’s not because of anything personal but simply because you just don’t care as much about what they’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with that and you can do this with old friends too that you haven’t spoken to in ages, or you can take off family and honestly anyone you feel like. It’s your page and we often forget about the control we have with our own fingers and how liberating it can be to remove or take off certain people.

The same thing can apply for people on social media that you probably have never met and they don’t know who you are, but you follow them and are always looking at what they’re doing with their lives. This can be influencers, celebrities, athletes, content creators, bloggers, and more. These people don’t know us, but we can see everything they do and cause ourselves to wish that we were constantly doing something everyday at every second in our personal life. This is where the problem comes in because we’ve all been at this point in our life where we have either wanted to be Kylie Jenner living carelessly in a huge million dollar home with private jets, cars, and doing everything imaginable.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a lot for yourself and being able to build your dream life, it becomes an issue when you degrade yourself or wish that you were in a different spot in your own life. We all have our own place and time where things will fall into place but constantly making ourselves wish we were different or born into something else, doesn’t help and can cause long term problems mentally and emotionally because you may never learn to be satisfied, happy and grateful for what you currently have and what is around you.

This isn’t a journey that can be solved overnight where you just immediately stop comparing yourself to other people, but this is something that can take months and even years. Starting now by doing a social media following cleanse, is a great way to begin this journey if you find yourself comparing too. Remove anybody who you don’t want to see anymore, remove anyone who makes you second guess anything about yourself, and remove or block anyone that you truly just don’t care about seeing on your phone anymore. It may seem like a small silly act, but it truly can take off so much pressure by starting small like this.

Self Care vs. Fake Lives

TikTok is a huge part of the entire self care journey and rebranding movement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in good products for your skin and hair, and there’s also nothing wrong with putting yourself first including your health. But when you follow those accounts that are all about small mini vlogs of everything they do in a day where it is all super aesthetic, expensive products, and expensive gyms or high end luxury apartments, you can’t make yourself feel like you need all of that to be on your journey to self care.

If you are looking to start on that route for yourself and you do feel like a rebrand for certain things in your life would be healthy and fun, then definitely go for it! But don’t be pressured into buying $40+ shampoo and conditioners, $150+ skincare products, $35 lip products, $500+ blow dryers, and $200+ gym memberships. You don’t need all of that and you don’t need to fake impress people on the internet by going above your means and purchasing these things just to seem like you have your life together.

This ties into fake lives because self care does not mean you need to drop hundreds on small items in your everyday routine just to feel like you have it going right. Social media is very deceiving and you only see a small portion of someone’s life and that’s what they choose to show online. Obviously people are more likely to choose to show the good parts of their day and not the more realistic ones where things are falling apart because it’s not ‘aesthetic’ and such. This has been said before too by influencers online and I couldn’t agree more that we all choose to show what parts we want people online to see and majority of the time, it’s always the sweet and fun moments in your life.

Try to think about that before you see something online that makes you wish your life was different. Remember that we are only seeing a small snippet of what is going on and never the full picture. You can still enjoy yourself and live your best life without needing expensive items or a very luxurious lifestyle.

Overworking Ourselves

If you have a vision for a specific lifestyle in your mind that includes luxury and expensive items or beautiful vacations, chances are you see online that you have to work extremely long hours or do a ton of work in order to get to where you want to be. Of course we all have to work hard to get to the point in life where we want to be, but this doesn’t mean you have to overwork yourself or play a bunch of different roles, lose sleep, and pour your entire soul into the work you’re trying to accomplish. Life is short and that means you deserve to live a little and not have to constantly push yourself over the edge to get the lifestyle you want.

The best thing to do when it comes to achieving lifestyle goals like this, is by making a plan, doing the research and seeing what other people did to get to where they are now. Go on LinkedIn and find what people did within the industry you want to be in and if they did certain internships, if they took on certain job roles, maybe they started their own business? Everyone has their own route so do the online research of how they accomplished this and what you can do in your own life. This doesn’t mean copy their step by step because everyone’s journey is unique, but have your own spin on how you can get to where you want to be. Don’t overwork yourself and take on a ton of roles just because you think this is going to get the job done.

How To Have a Healthy Balance of Everything

While everyone has their own personal methods of what helps them stay balanced with everything they do in life, it is so important to find that one thing and stick to it. Something that works personally for me is keeping a planner with a calendar inside that allows me to break out my week day by day. I can give each day certain bullet points and tasks and that helps immensely when it comes to getting work done. Something else to add within your every day tasks can be small breaks off your phone or no social hours where you are off of social media apps.

Comparing yourself to what someone else is doing with their day to what you’re doing is not healthy which is why small frequent breaks off your phone is great. When you are on social media, practice just watching and seeing what other people are doing without feeling envy or jealousy. Look at their life and just know that what is meant for you will fall into place soon and you don’t need to be sad or upset that you’re not living your ideal life. Look at what is around you and be grateful for everything you have because we all start from somewhere. We all are given circumstances in our life that are either good or bad and you have to decide what you will do with that.

Balancing being on your phone, scrolling through social media, and also getting your work done is something that can take a while to learn to manage as well but when you set your mind to what you need to do, you can accomplish anything. At the end of the day, we have to remind ourselves not everything we see online is true and we have to give ourselves credit for everything we have been through and succeeded to do. Give thanks for what you have received, for what you have accomplished, and what there is to come for your amazing future.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.

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    A better option is to face it and instead of convincing ourselves that we do not want “it” is to think how we will get there creating goals and objectives with short steps, such as starting an internet business, a progressive fitness guided routine for the figure you want, etc.

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