The Floral Edit: Summer Flower Inspo for your Home & Garden

There is no summer without flowers and whether it’s buying or planting them yourselves, flowers have been proven to help with stress, your mood, and even stimulate dopamine in your brain as well as release serotonin. Adding and placing flowers around your home, in your room, and in your yard is also beneficial towards the environment and a fun activity when they’re taken care of well.

Read along for some of the best flowers you can plant this summer whether you’re a beginner, which thrives the best in the sun, the perfect ones for your home, and building up your confidence in your garden if you want to start one. Below will also be links to flower seed packs, garden supplies, and even fake flowers if you want to take the easy way out of this!

Home Inspo

Best Flowers for Beginners

  1. Sunflowers
    1. attracts bees, birds, butterflies
    2. best in the full sun
    3. able to grow in different types of soil
    4. bloom best during the summer
  2. Marigolds
    1. repels against mosquitos
    2. best in full sun to partial-shade
    3. able to grow in dry gardens, and fine-grained soil
    4. bloom best in the spring, summer, and fall
  3. Morning Glories
    1. attracts birds and butterflies
    2. best in full sun
    3. able to grow in fertile and fine-grained soil
    4. bloom best in late summer or early fall
  4. Lupines
    1. attracts butterflies
    2. best in full sun, to light shade and cool climates
    3. able to grow in moist but well-drained soil
    4. bloom best from May – June
  5. Daffodils
    1. attracts bees, and butterflies
    1. able to grow in full sun or partly shade
    2. able to grow in moderately fertile, or drained soil
    3. bloom best in early spring or late winter

Beginner Gardening Supplies


Flower Seeds Packs under $20


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