Minimalistic + Affordable Decor for Your Bathroom

Having a gorgeous, organized, and modern bathroom doesn’t mean you always need to break the bank to achieve the look you want. There are so many creative ways and things you can do and buy which will not only transform the look of it, but even some DIY’s to get creative. I always love buying small things here and there to give a little bit more life and love to a room that is a little bit boring.

In this post, I will share some of my personal favorite and best ways that you can impress guests next time they come over and see how gorgeous your bathroom will look. Have anyone who walks in feel as if they are at a 5-star hotel and get ready to receive the best compliments. I will be providing Amazon Affiliate links below as well so you can shop for some affordable but cute items and add them right into your cart! If there are any items on here you love, leave a comment and any suggestions.

Flowers + Plants

One of my favorite kind of decorations no matter the room in your home, flowers and plants are the best. It definitely brings life into a room that needs some energy or color. You don’t even need to buy real flowers because maintaining them can be annoying sometimes. Therefore I have linked some flowers from Amazon that you can buy yourself and use.



  • Charmly Artificial Sunflowers 5 Pcs Long Stem Fake Sunflowers Artificial Silk Flowers for Home


Candles are one of my obsessions and I always tend to get a new one every month. You don’t even need to buy real expensive ones in order to get the luxury look and feel. Below I have provided links to real luxury scented candles you can get for a fraction of the cost compared to others. Also, battery operated ones that you can light around your tub so there is less of a risk, and a beautiful look.


The way you display and hang towels contributes to look of your bathroom. I am someone who is definitely obsessed with towels and I don’t need to order any kind of fancy material online to get the luxury look either. You can go to Walmart or even Target and find a set of them for a decent price, and the quality is great. All you need to do is get the same color towels for the entire bathroom and display them either on shelves, folded up by the bathtub, or hung on a small rod.

  • American Soft Linen 6-Piece 100% Turkish Genuine Cotton Premium & Luxury Towel Set for Bathroom 

  • White Classic Luxury Grey Bath Towel Set – Combed Cotton Hotel Quality Absorbent 8 Piece Towels


How you display the items in your bathroom is also an important factor in the look of everything. If you are someone who likes to have your everyday items out and about, then you may want to get an acrylic organizer for a prettier display. If you like to have your items hidden or away from anyone seeing them, then you can always opt for a cute basket and put them under the sink or on a shelf for easy access. Either way you choose, the look is always going to nicer than a mix of skincare and toothpaste on your counter.

  • Tranquil Abode Rotating Makeup Organizer | Adjustable, Spinning Storage for Make up, Perfume, Cosmetic, Beauty, Skincare, and Essential Oil Products

  • Seville Classics Foldable Handwoven Water Hyacinth Cube Storage Basket Bin, Rectangular (2-Pack)

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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