Baguette and Shoulder Bags: The Trend You Can’t Miss

Since the release of Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito bag and how its small size almost broke the internet, tiny bags have continued to be a popular choice when it comes to styling outfits. I’ve never been a fan of purses just because of the pain of switching from shoulder to shoulder after it gets heavy, but small bags such as the Baguette bags which have become increasingly popular this summer, I have to say this is a trend you seriously can’t miss. Even though more high end and luxury brands such as Dior have created their own versions of this such as the Saddle Bag, there are many smaller, more affordable brands such as JW Pei. They sell the under $100 versions and we seriously can’t get enough of them.

Baguette and shoulder bags are definitely here to stay for many summers to come just because of their versatility for different outfits, and not to mention their adorable size and several different colors in which they come with. Of course, I am definitely going to keep dreaming until I can unbox my Dior Saddle Bag, but the more affordable alternatives will still do for me. In this post, we have curated the best of the best baguette and small bags for you to grab. Not only is this going to continue to follow in the Fall and Winter, but into Spring and next summer as well. If you don’t have one yet, such as me unfortunately, we definitely need to hop on this trend and get one immediately for those outfits we’re planning in our head.


Although Prada is obviously a much more designer and high end brand, you can’t lie that the re-edition bags are the trend of the summer. So many influencers and fashion icons in the industry have been showing off their many different colors when it comes to this style of the Prada bag. Not to mention, they are seriously perfect for any season just because of the amount of fun colors you can find online or in store. These are so perfect for a rainy day, getting groceries, or some brunch with your gals.


Continuing with the high end brands, Dior is next on our list of shoulder bags. I saw this trend coming back in Spring and I am totally happy with it. This is definitely on the top of my wishlist when it comes to my dream bags. The amount of patterns and colors you can find as well with this one is insane which also makes it perfect to go with any outfit. This is the reason why I just love this trend so much because you don’t even need to think when it comes to finding a bag to go with your look. Although this is a bit pricier, it looks so worth the money just because of the beautiful leather and it’s gorgeous straps.


Although Chanel hasn’t released too many small bags, I had to add them into this list. They haven’t been seen as much on social media or by influencers, but I still think they deserve some recognition. These are not only so adorable, but I’ve always been obsessed with Chanel and their quilted bags. The small versions of these Chanel bags also come in a ton of different colors just to keep the brand popular and in people’s hands when it comes to matching with different outfits. I always go for more neutral looks but having so many options for people is such a great way to get people attracted to them, despite their incredibly small size.

Jacquemus, LV, Burberry & Gucci

This would not be a Glamour & Guide blog post if it weren’t with some Jacquemus in it. I adore Jacquemus so much and am going to purchase one of his bags in the future of course and hopefully can be a Jacquemus girl or receive some gifting. A girl can dream obviously. Anyway, his small bags have always been a topic of controversy in the fashion world due to their incredibly tiny tiny tiny size but I’m not complaining. Besides this brand, others such as Gucci, LV, and Burberry have their own small versions of their very popular monogram.

Affordable & Thrifty

Lastly is the affordable versions of all of these brands I just talked about. I definitely want to get my hands on a JW Pei bag just because of how cute they are and their affordability. You seriously don’t need to break the bank when it comes to staying stylish, cute and staying up to date with the latest trends. You need to get one of these as soon as possible because I just feel so left out seeing all these cute outfits on Instagram paired with an adorable little baguette bag. The colors are endless.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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