Tough as a Mother: Jewelry Brand Review

Recently I was reached out to by the PR of the jewelry brand Tough As A Mother to try out some of the pieces from this brand. Although I am definitely not a mom right now, I fell in love with the message, meaning and design behind what Jennifer Cervantes, Founder of Tough As A Mother, and what she has created so I knew I wanted to still try out a necklace. I had ordered a custom initial necklace and since I received it last week, I have not taken it off…seriously. It is so minimal, goes with all my outfits, and is the perfect gift for your mom, especially with Mother’s Day coming around the corner.

As a mother of two, Cervantes created Tough As A Mother to express the journey of motherhood and everything that comes with it whether it’s the ups or downs. Another note about this brand is that I really resonate so much with the message behind it. As I’m the oldest child of my other two younger siblings and I continue to grow, I notice more and more everyday what my single mother does for us. It’s not easy and one day I want to be able to give back to her with everything she has done for all three of us.

Being a mother is not easy and is definitely a sacrifice, so Tough As A Mother is the perfect gift for you to give to your own mom, or to a mother figure in your life that does so much for everyone around them. If you want to purchase something for yourself, you can visit the official website right here and read a Forbes article that they were just featured on as well right here!

The Product I Received

The product that I had chosen to go with was the P initial necklace because of my first name Pamela, and I also loved the simplicity of it. It goes with so many outfits of mine and some that I have upcoming for the Spring and Summer season ahead of us. I also love the gold detailing of it because it will definitely stand out in anything that you’re wearing or even if you want to elevate a look that you’re going for. There are also many other necklaces that you can pick from and even customize your own with a saying or name!


I don’t know about you but my favorite part about receiving a package is the packaging! The feeling you get when you open it to see the item you ordered is just the best feeling and I totally got that when I was opening this. Right on the front of the box in gold detailing and wording is the branding Tough As A Mother, and then there was a gold pouch as well to hold the jewelry.

Inside the box itself with the necklace, was also the jewelry care card for how you can make sure you take extra good care of it, motivational words on a card that say “I Am…Strong, Beautiful, Enough & TOUGH AS A MOTHER,” and on the back of these cards were pictures of Cervantes as well with her kids! I loved the personal touch that this added to the packaging because you really know that Cervantes puts much love into the work she provides for other moms out there.

My Review

Overall, I was more than satisfied with my purchase and you can see below I wore the necklace with a couple days ago while I was out on a picnic with my sister and it made the perfect final touch to the look! I haven’t taken it off since and it is something that I seriously love and would purchase from there again whether it’s for my grandma, mom, aunt, or anyone else in my life who holds a special meaning to me. This is a necklace that I will be wearing and keeping for many years to come.

Thank you so much for reading! 

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.