Casual Comfort For Summer: Sandals & Slides Edition

Obsessed is an understatement after making this blog post! I recently got my first pair of espadrille slides last year from Zara because they were on sale and I haven’t stopped buying them ever since. If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your summer style and also want to stay comfortable at the same time, sandals and slides are the way to go. Not the Adidas slide that everyone wears (although they are comfortable) but much more chic versions that come in a variety of colors.

Although the ones mentioned in this blog are on the more pricey side, I believe these are definitely worth the investment as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from them off people on social media. I’m so into them and I know that these will stay in style for many years to come because they’re not something that will be in trend for one summer then stop. They will become a staple to your wardrobe so I’d recommend getting a pair now and saving yourself the headache when you can’t find your favorite style or color as summer gets closer.

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My dream shoes to this day! Anything Chanel is always a yes for me so I am obsessed with these and although I don’t see a lot of people wearing the Chanel dad sandals a lot, I am definitely into them and will need a pair in the future. I have started seeing the Chanel slides more on social media though and if you’re lucky enough, you can find a pair on Poshmark, Depop, or even a thrift store! These will be worth the hunt so try to snag a pair if you find them!

Tory Burch

These are on the more affordable side but can go for over $200 so if Nordstrom ever happens to have their annual sale, you know where to go to find these! These have actually been on my wishlist for a while as well and I know they’d be perfect for a vacation outfit, or even going out with my friends, and throwing on a casual dress. I love the subtle look of the double T’s on it and they’re very simple, yet go with so much. I’d grab these if you’re looking for a first pair of slides to get.


Dior is always a yes, just like Chanel. I’ve seen these so much all over Instagram, and of course Pinterest. They are the cutest pair of slides and I recently saw that they made a cross over design which look just as good. I believe these are also on the much more pricier side than Chanel but they seem as if they’re worth it and I haven’t seen complaints from these shoes either on social media.


The shoe that everyone talks about and has been for the last year are the Yeezy slides. They are supposedly going to restock every 2 months so set your alarms and sign up with your emails anywhere you can if you’re looking to buy these soon and especially for the summer because they are selling fast and hot! I recently saw Matilda Djerf style them below and is there anything she can’t rock or style? I seriously love the amount of colors these come in and they’re around $55-$65 if you can snag a pair for retail but if you want them resale price, expect them all to be over $100 and nothing less. They seem so comfortable though and perfect to just run out the house for something quick.


I saw Kelsey Simone wear these on Instagram and have not stopped being in love with them ever since. I am seriously so into this style because they seem very simple, but the H on the front is great and subtle for any outfit. They come in a small selection of colors but they’re perfect because they’re just a solid color with no patterns or prints so they’re extra great for pairing with anything. I would definitely purchase these as well and have seen them dressed up in so many ways on social media so they seem so worth it.


Lastly, are these Chloé slides that I accidentally stumbled upon when I was searching for something else last week. I found these on a Google search and had absolutely not idea that they even existed. They also have a matching bag which I would love to get and match with but for right now, I’m going to have to settle for another affordable option. They seem so cute and chic and I’m especially in love with the crossover logo ones on the first image below!

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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