Mollie Daniela: Content Creator & Influencer Marketing at Her Campus Media

As we continue our Influencer Interview series, today’s spotlight is on Mollie Daniela — Content Creator and Junior Associate of Influencer Marketing at Her Campus Media. We dive into a conversation with Daniela to describe some fun moments she’s had in the creative industry she’s in right now, landing her role at Her Campus Media, re-branding her social channels to fit more fashion and lifestyle, handling stressful days, and more!

She also goes into some details about herself, her favorite thing about working with Her Campus Media, advice for those looking to be in the same industry, and how she captures her amazing, colorful content for her audience! Scroll on for the full conversation and if you’d like to connect with her on her social channels towards the end of our interview, keep reading.

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  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Where you’re from, your hobbies, career, etc.)

M: Hi hi! My name is Mollie, I’m a 21-year-old fashion and lifestyle content creator. I currently work my dream job – Junior Associate of Influencer Marketing at Her Campus Media. My biggest hobby is creating fashion content on my Instagram (@molliedaniela) and TikTok (@molliedaniela), but I also love to watch movies, cook, and bake. I am bilingual, I speak Spanish and English as I am Cuban from my dad’s side and Bolivian from my mom’s – I love my culture and representing it every day!

  • Since our blog is called Glamour and Guide, what is your favorite beauty secret or go-to beauty brands — whether its clothes, jewelry, makeup, skincare, etc.?

M: I love any and all beauty brands that promote inclusivity! That’s my biggest priority. As a plus-sized woman, I experience being left out of beauty trends on the daily. While it should be normalized and not something to be celebrated, I do appreciate brands a little extra when they show me that they want to include me in their audience.

  • What is your favorite thing about your position now with Her Campus Media? What advice would you give to those who are looking to work in the industry you’re in right now?

M: Where do I even start! Working at Her Campus has been my dream job ever since I started college in 2018, and the feeling of landing my position before I even graduated was absolutely surreal. My favorite thing, among everything, is definitely working on our influencer marketing campaigns. As a content creator myself, it’s so incredible to see the backend of the same campaigns I get to be a part of. I truly appreciate all the effort that goes into creating these campaigns, from both our clients and our team. 

  • How do you stay motivated and inspired to create content for your social channels and for brands? Do you spot locations and put outfits together before you head out to shoot photos or videos?

M: I’m going to be honest – it’s definitely hard. Especially with how weird these last few years have been. At the beginning of 2021, I re-branded my social channels to niche into inclusive fashion and daily lifestyle. With that being said, it’s easier to capture content since it’s simply for my daily life, as unfiltered and real as possible. In terms of the fashion side, I love going all out with my outfits on the weekend. I always dress myself assuming I’m going to get content while I’m out and about, and then it all comes to life!

  • How do you handle your more stressful days? What tips have personally helped you manage and balance your personal life, self-care, and work?

M: Routines, routines, routines. Whether it’s a simple or more elaborate one, whenever I’m stressed I crave my daily routines. My morning routine sets the tone for my entire day – I go for a walk at the nature trail near my home, do my skincare routine, and practice being mindful all before the workday starts. I prioritize including self-care into my daily lifestyle, and give it a little extra attention when I’m stressed. Another thing that helps is winding down and watching one of my comfort movies!

  • Is there a movie or show you’ve been obsessing over lately? 

M: I’m a little late to the game, but I just re-started Manifest after seeing a couple of episodes on cable when it first came out! I’m totally hooked and can’t wait to see more of it. 

  • What advice would you give your younger self after everything you have accomplished now and as you’re continuing to do even more amazing things in the future?

M: Younger me wouldn’t believe how confident I am today, especially in the fashion realm. Up until this year, I would only try to wear clothes that made me blend in. The fashion industry never catered to me and my body growing up, and I’m so happy to be a part of the generation that is slowly but surely changing that. I never imagined myself to be a fashion blogger, but it’s even more surreal to know I have so many people looking up to me as an inclusive inspiration.

  • What is your most memorable “pinch me” moment in the industry you’re in right now? Whether it’s been an event, meeting new people, a brand you’ve worked with, etc.? 

M: Going with what I said above, I definitely felt an “I made it” moment when I first went viral on TikTok. The video was a simple fashion haul, but it was the first time that I was buying clothes out of my comfort zone and challenging myself in fashion. Over a million people ended up seeing it, and it was filled with nothing but positive, uplifting comments. I gained a community of over 30,000 incredible people from that video alone, and from then on, I’ve been creating content that makes me and so many others feel included. I hope to attend NYFW soon, that would definitely be a huge “pinch me” moment in the future!

Another big “pinch me” moment was getting my Her Campus job offer. Everything I worked on and strived for led up to that moment, and I was happy beyond belief that day! I love my job and am so happy working every day.

  • Aside from social media and posting content, what are some of your favorite hobbies? Is there a talent or anything people may not know about you?

M: Like I said before, I love cooking and baking! My parents have been cooking with me ever since I was 5 years old, and I’ve learned so many family recipes. We also have been watching Food Network ever since I can remember, and seeing so many talented individuals inspires me to try new recipes! My favorite things to cook are authentic pasta dishes, and I love to bake anything with fresh fruits!

  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you want to travel or move somewhere? 

M: My life has been changing for the better every single day, it’s hard to determine what 5 years from now will look like! I definitely will be living somewhere outside of Florida, maybe California. I also want to be an avid traveler by then – I left Florida for the first time in my life in December of 2020 and recently did a road trip all the way from Florida to Washington DC. It truly changed my life and I can’t wait to explore more of the world!

  • What is your vision for yourself, your life, and your future?

M: Happiness is and will always be my #1 priority. Life is short – I live every day making the world my own. I’ll say yes to any trip, concert, event, change, anything that will stimulate me and bring more good to my life. I am so excited for my future, especially since I graduated college in May of this year and am working remotely. I am so grateful to have so much liberty, being able to healthily balance content creation with my job, and have such a fun-loving mentality. I am so proud of how far I’ve come, especially how much I’ve grown in the past year. I know that future me is going to be having so much fun and will be so happy, as I am right now! 🙂

  • Is there a fashion trend you’re excited to try out for Fall? What is an item in your closet that you can’t get enough of and always find yourself wearing no matter what?

M: Ironically, I haven’t incorporated the color black into my wardrobe while it’s one of the most flattering colors on me! I’m excited to get more black pieces, and am dying to have a faux leather blazer. I also love, love, love layering – I hope to get the most out of it with our not-so-chilly Florida winters!

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