Ugg Boots Are Making Their Comeback & They’re Here To Stay

Every Winter and Fall, it’s part of our cold weather uniform to take out our Ugg boots, style them with leggings and a hoodie, or grab a crewneck. These outfits are not put together unless you have those Ugg’s ready to go and recently all over TikTok, a ton of different fashion influencers have been getting their wardrobes ready and are purchasing either the slippers or the boots. It’s also been seen all over Pinterest these model off duty looks featuring Elsa Hosk, Kaia Gerber, Emily Rata and more wearing the infamous Ugg boots.

If you are still not loving the way these are slowly making a comeback and you need a little more convincing, we’ve got you covered. Within this post, you’ll find a ton of fun fashion inspiration to have your comfy and cozy lazy days when you just want to throw on your Ugg’s or maybe you’re looking to run some errands real quick, want to go on a Target run and more! These boots and slippers have got you covered.

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When Did Ugg Boots First Come In Style?

If you don’t know the original story of the company Ugg, it began back in 1978 when an Australian surfer named Brian Smith had moved to Southern California. From the beginning, he knew he wanted to design and create a shoe for a company that everyone would be wearing and could be signified with something. Soon after, the Classic Boot that we all know and love was designed that later became the ‘It Shoe’ of Southern California. Whether you hate these shoes or love them, they are never going to be out of style because of how convenient they are to wear during the colder months, they go with a ton of different outfits because of how many styles are out there, and different colors too! You also most likely remember seeing Snooki wearing these on Jersey Shore with her shorts.

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Photo Sources: Vox, Ella Blogs, The New York Times, Tarrago Brands

How Have They Changed Over The Years?

There was a time period where everyone either strongly disliked Ugg boots, or they were something you were obsessed with. In middle school, you’d have to wait until Christmas to see what new boots or slippers everyone got and new colors or styles. Over the years, less people have been wearing them and combat boots or lug sole boots have been more in style as opposed to Uggs. Recently on TikTok, so many people have been wearing the slippers and a new version even came out where the entire slipper itself is just sherpa material and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

Although these boots have had so many styles come and go, you can never go wrong with a classic mini or a pair of moccasins and slippers to have lying around the house. They’re perfect for a sweatsuit outfit, laying around the house, going out to run errands, and more. They’re the definition of versatile and are so great with comfort and just how there’s so many colors to go with any outfit.

How Models & Influencers Are Wearing Them Today

From Kaia Gerber, to Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk, and even Rihanna have been spotted wearing Ugg boots over the years and we know why. They are the perfect everyday shoe and you can see how these models have them dressed up or dressed down like Kaia to walk her dog or run errands.. Elsa even paired them with jeans and a blazer walking around New York while Rihanna has them with jeans and a Christian Dior Book Tote for her airport look. They definitely are bringing chic, and fashion to a whole new level of comfort.

Styles You Can Buy Today

Over the years just like many other brands, Ugg has continued to release new items including boots, slippers, outerwear, apparel, and more. For footwear, they have shoes from slippers, to weather boots, classic ones, sneakers, heels, moccasins, socks, sandals, and cleaning kits. For apparel, they have ready to wear collections, handbags, wallets, cold weather accessories, robes, sleepwear, sweaters, cardigans, tops, and bottoms. Their collections range from Cold Weather Shop, to The Cozy Shop, For the Family, Gifts for Her, Collaborations, and even a collaboration with Telfar which was definitely getting people talking about it.

How You Can Wear Them Yourself Everyday

Ugg boots, slippers, and outerwear can be worn with a ton of fun and comfy outfits especially for lounging at home or even going out to do something last minute or if you know you’re going to be out all day and you want to be cozy. Pairing Uggs with a sweatsuit is a great way to look put together but also adding these make the look even more cozy. It can also be styled with a coat above it such as a trench coat to keep it more chic. SKIMS is another loungewear brand which is redefining the entire “stay at home” look and making it a lot more luxury so finding a good pair of Ugg slippers to wear with these looks are the ultimate at home chic. Lastly, a large oversized button up coat is the best way to add a final piece to an Ugg outfit. You’ll be super warm and will be ready to take on the day.

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