Why The Future Of Marketing Is Completely On Social Media

Social media used to be known as a bunch of platforms that were for sharing highlight reels or moments in your life for others to see. Whether it was new vacation photos, a picture of your brunch with friends, or selfies of course. Today, social media still has some aspects of that, but it has become much more normalized now to use it to promote either your business, work you’re doing, getting jobs, and marketing. A lot of brands and companies are even hiring positions specifically for people to run the social media for the brand, do the ads, and influencer marketing for who can represent their company for their audience.

It’s truly amazing how much social media has changed people’s lives and has been able to become their full time or part time job. Brands and companies turning to marketing specifically on TikTok, for their business is not only a smart move right now with how hot video based content is, but it can sometimes be easier and better to reach an audience to visit their company through there. I’ve scrolled through tons of creative ways not just companies, but people who own small businesses are using TikTok to bring awareness to their products. Read on for how you can take advantage of TikTok right now, the benefits of using the app and video based content plus much more you’re going to want to know.

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How Many Ways Can Social Media Be Used?

As talked about earlier, social media isn’t just a bunch of platforms to show what you’re doing in the moment, post vacation photos, swipe up on your friend’s story and a bunch of other fun stuff. Social media can also be used in a ton of fun different ways, including showing your business to a new audience, building clientele, or even figuring out how to start your own business. Instagram has implemented many new tools for creators and users to find more people within their target audience or a specific niche. They’ve done this by introducing reels which are videos that can be as little as 15 seconds up to 60 seconds! Users can even make money from these reels depending on how many people interact with it and the amount of views that it gets.

Every niche online has different kinds of content they post. Fashion related creators and bloggers will post their outfit of the day, brunch dates with friends, influencer events that they’re attending and more. If you’re in the educational niche and you post informational content, it will go towards an audience that likes to learn more about that specific content. Everyone has their own corner on the internet that they like to go to and what they prefer to interact with.

Why Do People Like To Use Social Media For Their Business?

Using social media for your business can go a ton of different ways. You can make an Instagram account and post daily either on stories or in your feed, or have reels which are 15 to 60 seconds videos that can reach thousands or up to millions of people to view them on their reels page. On TikTok, you can post 15 seconds to 3 minute videos talking and doing anything and it’s strictly video based content. People like to use social media for their business because the possibilities are endless of what kind of audience you can reach with all the millions of users on each platform. You can also be extremely creative and think of fun new ways to reach your target audience. If you go viral on TikTok, not only will millions of people find your page and your content, but if they like it enough they will want to stay and follow you to see more of what’s to come.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing On TikTok?

It can be hard for companies, brands, and people to show their personalities online but through video based content it becomes a little bit easier as you’re either talking to the camera on TikTok, or you’re responding back to comments and to people who are asking you certain things that they’d like answered. It’s a great way to interact with your audience and really get to know them beyond just you posting content. Making side income off of social media is another great benefit because especially if you’re a college student and you find it hard to work a full time job but you still want income, social media is another thing you can resort to. So many creators on the app either have full time jobs already and use it just for fun and make money off of brand deals, or some creators just post content to educate and entertain others with or without making money.

The possibilities of working on social media are endless and they really allow you to reach such a wide audience. When posting on Instagram on your feed, your post only has about 48 hours to live before it stops getting pushed to the explore page or even to a large amount of people. On reels, your video can get engagement for months and the same goes on TikTok. If your video does well, it will allow the app to continue to push it further and further allowing thousands or even millions of people to come and find your page.

When you market on TikTok, you’re able to show so many different kinds of videos to your audience. If you have a business, you can do behind the scenes content, how you package orders, making a PR package for an influencer, a day in the life of your audience, pros and cons of running your business, your favorite moments in the industry you’re in and more. People love seeing the behind the scenes content of what goes on in people’s lives and on TikTok especially, it’s a great way to build a transparent and personal connection with your audience.

When Should You Start Taking Advantage Of This?

As soon as possible! This is the simplest answer that can be given when it comes to starting on social media. The reason why you should start as soon as possible is because you don’t want to keep giving yourself excuses when the best time to start posting is. Whether you’re a creator and want to give tips or express yourself through your content, or if you’re a business owner and want to give your customers a behind the scenes of your work and find new customers as well, TikTok is the way to grow and you do it so fast on there too. You’d be surprised how many can grow their accounts and there’s no secret or formula for how to do it. All you have to do is post a lot and make sure your content has a purpose if you genuinely want to grow a specific audience.

The later you wait to start your content, you will find that it can be a little harder to get your audience. This does not mean that you can’t or won’t be able to grow. You definitely should still put yourself out there and create content. You will just need to create a schedule and routine for how many times you will post, setting aside the time for making your videos, and interacting with your audience. You will also want to follow other people within your industry that you’re working! This helps to keep your creativity going and then you can make connections with them too.

Does This Mean Other Forms of Marketing Aren’t Reliable?

Just like how social media is constantly evolving and changing, so is marketing and there are always new creative ways that people are trying to reach a new audience and also educate themselves on what is going on within the industry. Social media is a great way to do this. When there’s new updates on certain platforms such as Instagram, people are always making videos to inform their audience of these new updates and it’s a great way to stop on top of everything going on within 15 – 60 second videos. Just because video based content is so in right now does not mean that other forms of marketing aren’t as reliable.

People are still using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their businesses or their accounts and this is still very effective. The reason why it’s so much higher and easier to connect with an audience on TikTok, is because as mentioned before people love to see the more personal and real authentic side of you. When social media managers especially on TikTok show this by connecting with the audience through the screen, it can honestly help with consumers wanting to buy from the brand because they feel a sort of connection and friendship through the screen. Many creators talk about this on the platform and it’s also why a lot of brands are also hiring people for specific positions on social media to help the company so they can be on top of the latest trends.

How Long Will Video Based Content Be In?

It’s hard to tell how long people will keep making video based content and for how long it will keep anyone scrolling through social media entertained, but it will be popular for a while because when you’re watching a video, you don’t need to do anything except watch it. It requires almost no work and it’s not like reading an article or commenting. You are simply watching a video. People have low attention span and this is based off of studies and research based on how long people will want to stay on a video for before they decide to keep scrolling and go to the next one. Don’t let this uncertainty stop you from wanting to pursue social media and bring attention either to your business or your content.This goes to show how powerful social media is in bringing attention and awareness to certain topics.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.