Kim Kardashian For Balenciaga: Everything You Need To Know

Kim has done it again with yet another star stunning campaign and this time it is with Balenciaga. Within this campaign, you will find multiple shots and looks that will be shown throughout this season and we are so excited to see what else Demna Gvasalia will bring to the table as he has never disappointed with his looks.

This campaign was shot in the star’s home in Calabasas, California and it truly gives us hints of luxury, sleek and sophisticated vibes as Kim encapsulates this look perfectly. Many other models and stars are also featured within this Balenciaga campaign so stay tuned on their social media channels to see more updates over the coming weeks are more shots will be done to for sure get everyone talking.

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Kim Kardashian In The Latest Balenciaga Campaign Shoot

Demna Gvasalia is the current creative director of Balenciaga and has been also giving Kim Kardashian her more unique and recent looks from the brand as well. We can’t forget her most famous and talked about outfit which was the Met Gala look. Not only was this never seen before, but it was unique because everyone went right to social media to speak their thoughts on it and it had everyone talking. Most recently, Kim has become the face of their brand new campaign which will also include Justin Bieber, Isabelle Huppert, Marie Agnès Diene and Tommy Blue.

Kim was also photographed in her home in Calabasas, California giving us a ton of brand of new looks which will later be shown throughout the season. The campaign was shot by photographer Stef Mitchell in which she’s photographed other brand campaigns including — CK jeans, CK underwear, i-D, The Row, Louis Vuitton, Supreme and many more right here.

Within the photos, you can notice a touch of one statement piece such as in the image above where Kim is laying across her couch, the bright La Cagole bag steals the show. In images pictured below, Kim is also pictured wearing a leopard coat and then in the image next to it, with the Hourglass Top Handle bag distracting the all black clean look and slick hair. We are excited to see what else this campaign will bring and just what more Kardashian will be styled and photographed with. We are never disappointed with what Kim brings when she partners with luxury fashion brands!

Kim’s Previous Looks With Balenciaga

Demna is no stranger in Kim’s closet of infamous, fun and exciting outfits. We would love to spend a day in her closet and trying on all of these looks including the ones pictured below which are personal favorites. Whether it’s a monochromatic look, a pop of color, or one statement piece, we know Kim always brings phenomenal outfits with Demna by her side.

Ways To Add Balenciaga Into Your Wardrobe

Every luxury brand and fashion house out there has their own touch, style and taste that make them well known and stand out within the fashion industry. We’ve included some pieces below that would be amazing, classic, and timeless pieces to go in your closet that you can wear time and time again. Handbags are always a great accessory to make any outfit stand out and add a statement to it. Sunglasses are everyday essentials that can also instantly elevate anything you’re wearing. As well with jackets, you’re not only staying warm, but looking stylish too.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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