Going To New York Fashion Week For The First Time As A Creator: An Honest Recap of Everything To Know

Ever since I was younger, I have always wanted to attend NYFW. Growing up, I was obsessed with the Hills and Lauren Conrad. I loved how she attended fashion school during the day and would end up at exclusive events and parties at night. Ever since then and learning more about NYFW, I knew it was something I wanted to attend but never knew how.

This year I also started to pursue my dream of content creation and it has opened up so many new opportunities for me, such as attending NYFW. I will be sharing all the shows I attended and my reviews and experiences with them. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and can’t wait for many more fashion weeks to come.

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Friday September 9, 2022: Gita Omri Show

Photo Source: Adriannis Almonte

This was the very first show I was attending, and I was so incredibly nervous and excited. This show and the other two I was going to be attending were located on 608 5th Avenue, close to Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. I arrived just on time for the show and was immediately greeted by some of the other attendees. I was shocked at how many people were there and quickly realized how much networking is done at these shows.

Gita Omri is a designer based in New York who is all about producing beautiful clothes that are size inclusive for women. This show was the most inclusive show I attended. Every outfit displayed had two models, one showcasing the outfit in standard sizes and the other model in a more inclusive plus size. This is such an important breakthrough in the industry. No other show had this much inclusivity, let alone two models per outfit. She had everything from tops to dresses to trousers to zip-up bomber jackets for each model.

The overall theme of the show was very vibrant colors, patterns, and more on the business, casual side. A lot of these looks were also perfect for a night out or even to wear to the office. Many of the pieces like the dress in the first picture displayed can be worn on their own or can have a blazer added for more of an office outfit. There were very lively colors and shapes for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Overall, it was such a wonderful show and I can’t wait to see more looks from this designer.

Saturday September 10, 2022: Albright College Show

Photo Source: Adriannis Almonte

The next day was the Albright College Fashion Show, and that was the day I was going to have dinner with some friends. I attended this show by myself, and it was definitely nerve-racking. As I was online, I met this lovely girl who told me she was from TikTok. She was there with a friend, and suddenly I wasn’t alone. This is my second favorite part about these shows and how you can easily meet people and connect with them. Even if you don’t pursue social media, there is a common interest with everyone else in the room, and that is fashion. We’re all here to watch a fashion show and can bond over that.

This show consisted of six different designers, all from Albright College, located in Pennsylvania. Each designer had a unique design and style to them, and it was incredibly interesting to get to see each individual display their work. One designer had a whole denim collection and another had all dark red tones and black for the season. After watching the show, you can tell these designers put their blood, sweat, and tears into their collections and they expressed that through every piece. These designers have very bright futures in the fashion industry ahead of them. After the show, I went to catch a lovely Italian dinner at Nittis in Hell’s Kitchen with some new friends I met in the content creator space. It is always so nice to meet new people and socialize outside of events and shows to really build relationships.

Sunday September 11, 2022: Global Fashion Collective

Photo Source: Adriannis Almonte

This day I was running so late and was one of the last people let in before the show started, but that was not going to stop me from watching! This was another fashion collective I attended, but this time with the designers coming from places all over the world. This was a beautiful mix of different designers with all different backgrounds coming together to represent themselves through their work.

The first show of the night started with designer Lunalee from the U.S. and her very minimalist approach to fashion. Her pieces were very structured with geometric shapes. Her collection is filled with timeless pieces that can be worn not just in the Spring and Summer seasons, but all year round.

The next designer was Dr. Maaya from Japan. This collection was very different from the previous designer because this was colorful and youthful. She curated these creative designs with smaller pieces of clothing on them. In the photos displayed, you can see an example such as one dress which was blue with childlike hoodies on it. It creating a wing sleeve. She had such a fun and engaging show. It was definitely one where I personally couldn’t see myself wearing these outfits, but I very much enjoyed still enjoyed this show and all the hard work put into the pieces.

The third designer was Ay Lelum from British Columbia, Canada. This show and collection were very reflective of their indigenous Snuneymuxw culture. The collection included feathers, bold colors, and organic shapes. Everything from the outfits to the music played made you feel like you were transported to somewhere outside of the venue. It even felt as if we were there visiting their community in Canada. Overall, the show and collection was very moving and intriguing.

The last designer of the night was TheRealB from India. This collection also incorporated very vibrant orange and pink tones but took a more feminine approach. Some of the outfits included very poofy and oversized pink dresses that would be perfect for formal events. In a way, this show reminded me of the early 2000’s because of its bold patterns and colors, all factoring in a way that is still very girly and modest. It was so incredibly fascinating to see all these designers from all around the world come together to put on such a great show. If you ever have the chance to attend a global fashion show, I would highly recommend you do!

Monday, September 12, 2022: Cesar Collection

Personally, this was my favorite show out of all the ones I attended. I was invited by DCG publications to attend this event at Cucina 8 1⁄2 restaurant located at the Solow building in Midtown, NYC. It was a beautiful venue with a restaurant dining area occupied on a lower level with dining guests. However, the waiting area for the guests of the show was on an upper level, which was very spacious and lively. There was also an open bar where guests were allowed one drink each upon arrival. Overall, it was a very nice offering from the organizers of the event.

Some of the pieces displayed were extravagant, casual, elegant, and scandalous. It was a great mix of different styles you would see during the Spring and Summer months. The first dress was by designer Toni Whitaker. Her collection was filled with fun feathers, bold colors, and textures to create some daring night out outfits.

The next designer was Raphelita. He was influenced by his Caribbean roots to create a very bold and sexy look for the upcoming season. And lastly was designer Caesar Galindo, who displayed a beautiful collection with bright and sparkly outfits that go perfect from day to night looks. Although all the designers had different outfits and concepts, the show worked so well, almost as if all these designers worked together. It was a perfect fit to have all three designers present a show all at once.

Just being in the present moment around everyone and in the city during this time was a crazy experience for me, let alone going to events and shows. It was exhausting and I was running around NYC, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is definitely something that is not as glamorous as it looks but is such an amazing experience. Going to NYFW was truly a dream come true, and I am so blessed to have attended such amazing shows and events! Thanks to all the designers and people that invited me to their amazing shows, and I can’t wait for more NYFW to come!

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