Bonne Vue: The Next Best Parisian & Vintage Sunglasses Brand

If you’ve ever dreamed of going to Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower shine at night, drink wine, and eat fruits, then you’re going to need the perfect luxury accessory to take around with you. Bonne Vue is the brand you need to know about this summer to turn you into that “It Girl” you’ve always wanted to be. This week’s spotlight for the Interview series is Bonne Vue, a sunglasses brand which just released earlier this year and has been already been featured in Sheen Magazine as well as another upcoming project this month with Kourtney Kardasian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s stylist Dani Michelle.

Although Bonne Vue is fairly new to the industry, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t already on the road to success. If you’re looking for a new pair of sunnies to get your hands on and want that chic, luxury feel no matter where you’re going, definitely check out and keep reading as well. This week you will get to know any advice BV has for newcomers who want to start their own brand, someone they’d love to collaborate with in the future, how this idea for BV came to life, and much more!

  • Tell us a bit about Bonne Vue for those who don’t know and are new  — What kind of products do you sell? When did your brand begin?
    • B: Bonne Vue is our newest baby. It’s a treasure so deep and so pure to us. Bonne Vue is an eyewear brand which is notorious for its parisian, vintage, and classical styles. If you head to our page you’ll realize sooner or later we offer only two colors of frames: brown and black. We thought it would be a great idea to rather create a nation than a city so that when a woman is wearing Bonne Vue there’s a familiarity, a more of a “that’s home”. We launched in March 2020 and have overcame hurtles such as the pandemic for example. It showed us that when you love something and treat it with love—it truly conquers all. 
  • Since our blog is called Glamour and Guide, what is your favorite beauty secret or go-to beauty brands — whether it’s clothes, jewelry, makeup, skincare, etc.?
    • B: We are currently in love with’s jewelry brand. They have such amazing pieces that we’d pair a necklace or two from their collection with our frames any day and anywhere. Check them out, for sure!

  • What does Bonne Vue mean?
    • B: Bonne Vue means good or beautiful views in French and through every lens, from wherever you are in the world, we’ll tell that story through our mood-boards. We are a virtual product of storytellers captured in motion and let’s not forget, “through the lenses of Bonne Vue”. We’ve been able to gather  some of the most beautiful scenes with women all over the world. Some places include Greece, Sweden, Paris, London, California, and New York with all women wearing “Bonne Vue” sunnies. It truly is a movement that we cannot wait to grow. 

  • How did the inspiration and idea for starting Bonne Vue come from? Where were you and how did you realize that you wanted this idea to become a reality? 
    • B: Bonne Vue started with a love of everything that exuded parisian. From the minimalistic fashion, cafes, historic buildings, and beautiful scenery found on every corner in France. If there’d be one place we’d relate most to, it’d most likely be the South of France. Since we’re based in the USA, we were always obsessed with the idea of being there without being there if you know what I mean. We’re so thankful for travel bloggers, Instagram, and networks for being able to freely showcase he/she’s voyages. Through all of this, there hasn’t been a traveling experience that we haven’t seen without ones favorite pair of sunnies. Wether it be in a vlog, picture, blog you name it. We then took what we knew about fashion, vintage, sunglasses, views, and culture and created this beautiful platform to showcase their Bonne Vue sunnies no matter where they were in the world. It truly is amazing.

The view you’ve always wanted

– Bonne VUe
  •  Is there a company or person you would love to collaborate with? 
    • B: Of course! We’d love to collaborate with Orseund Iris. So praise-worthy. They truly deserve all the good in this world. 

  • Do you have any advice for people who want to start in the business industry? — Whether it’s starting their own brand or doing more research to get to know the industry better?
    • Firstly, all thoughts are alive and it’s for you to treat it that way. Change your perspective if you have too—but all things are possible. Focus on your creative and intellectual strengths for the core base of your brand or business and nurture those qualities. The resources are there, as much as you’ll be there for grabs. Blogs, YouTube, podcast, and books will legitimately have to be your best friend. If you have those, you’ll be off to an awesome start. 
  • What is Bonne Vue’s mission statement? 
    • B: Our slogan is, “the view you’ve always wanted”. It’s the beginning of a story represented by each individual no matter wherever they are in the world and through every lens, a Bonne Vue is created. It is only right to capture those Bonne Vue moments, in style and with style. Our mission is to bring it to life.

  • Can you give us a sneak peek or some ideas you have planned for the future of Bonne Vue in regards to products, or collaborations, etc..?
    • B: We’ve been working on a few collaborations that we are still in awe of. We’d love to mention one that’ll be in the works this month and that’s with Kendall, Kylie, and Kourtneys stylist Dani Michelle. We were ecstatic to know she wanted to collaborate and style the Kardashians listed above with our frames. It truly means everything and more the value Bonne Vue sunnies carry. We spent what almost felt like a year designing and redesigning our 2020 collection and so grateful to know it all keeps paying off.
  • What makes Bonne Vue different and unique compared to other brands out there that are in the same industry and market as yours?
    • B: Rather than focusing on our eyewear in itself, it’s the experience that aligns with who we are, and our frames. When a woman wears Bonne Vue poetry is caught in motion. There’s a deep feel and a historic nature that comes with our frame collection. Bonne Vue wouldn’t have been created if culture and love wasn’t in our core. There’s a lot of that here and we believe it shows in our frames, brand, customers, partners and admirers. 

  • Where do you see Bonne Vue in 3-5 years?
    • B: We see Bonne Vue in shops within major cities. We’ve came to a collusion that our showrooms will be more of a museum than it would be anything else. We can’t wait to see what was once a seed, bloom. 

If you love Bonne Vue’s content and would like to see more, check out their Instagram down below: @mybonvue

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