The Bedroom Edit: Comforters, Pillows, Sheets, & More..

Like most people can agree, your bedroom is a sanctuary just like how our beds are the best hello and the hardest goodbye. Your bedroom is really one of the most important rooms in your entire house and even your life. It’s so important because after a long, busy day you want to curl up in your bed and probably watch some Youtube videos, listen to music, light a candle, turn on your diffuser, read a book, watch some T.V., and more. I actually stopped doing homework in my bed and studying there because your bed should not be related to something that can stress you out like school. This was a habit I quickly broke and removed my dresser and added in a desk so that I can shift my work over to there.

Cleaning your room though and what you’re surrounded with is just as important as your bed and sleeping. I am a very clean, tidy, and organized person so when I see a mess in my room, it really bothers me and I try not to pile up clothes on my computer chair or my desk. My sister who is the complete opposite doesn’t mind the mess but I can’t stand it.

Overtime, I have realized what my aesthetic and theme is therefore my room is all white, grey comforter, white desk, white night stand, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Chanel Poster, couple of candles, some Vogue and Fashion magazines, a magazine and high fashion cutout wall I made, and some more minimal stuff. This is a quick description of my room and this is what I love about it. Someone can just walk into your bedroom or even your house and kind of tell the type of person you are and your personality. So if you’re having some trouble figuring out your style, or want to spice up your bedroom and add a little bit of life, this inspiration should help you see what you should buy next.


I have love big white and fluffy comforters because you just want to be comfy in your bed and what is better than cuddling all up in it. Although my comforter right now isn’t as fluffy as I’d like it to be, I know in the future I can’t wait to get one and snuggle with it everyday. I’m not one who normally goes for pastel comforters as shown below but of course when I do get a house or apartment, I would like to switch it up every season and try something new.


Pillows are definitely an obsession of mine and if I could switch mine up all the time to match the seasons I would 100%. I love pillows, blankets, rugs, everything and anything that involves adding decor to a room. Whether it’s from HomeGoods, Amazon, or any other place, I love a bunch of them all together on your bed. It makes a bed look less boring and plus why not have a lot to lay on or snuggle with.


I remember when I was younger my mom would switch our our sheets during the Winter and add these really soft tan fleece ones and I would only look forward to Winter just because of that. Today I have no idea where those fleece sheets are but I definitely want to get some. I’m not someone who is very specific with the kind of sheets I get but they do make your bed a lot more fancy depending on how you fix your bed everyday.


Dresser & Vanity

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, I don’t have a dresser/vanity anymore because I wanted to make room for a desk to get work done instead of doing it in my bed. For all the years that I have had a dresser/vanity though, I have always loved it and it made me feel so girly and feminine. I would decorate it with my perfume and lotion bottles all on top and fill up all the drawers with my stuff. Sometimes I do miss it but having these in a room if you have enough space, add a cute and girly touch depending the type that you get as shown below.

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