Sofia Richie & Elliot Grainge Wedding Recap: Outfits, Activities, Custom Chanel & More In The South of France

The internet has been taken by storm since Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge officially were married over the weekend. From Vogue videos showing behind the scenes of the star studded wedding, to custom Chanel dresses, it’s no surprise everyone is obsessed. Read along for everything to know about the luxe France weekend.

Everything to Know About Elsa Hosk’s Ready-To-Wear Brand ‘Helsa Studio’ Including Where to Shop, Pieces & More.

Swedish model Elsa Hosk recently launched a minimalistic clothing line less than a year ago and two drops later, she has served the perfect taste of elegant, everyday looks. From mini skirts, to shackets, oversized tops and more, you can find it all on Helsa Studio. Read more for what’s to come from the brand.

Celebrity Skincare Lines & Why They’re Such a Huge Debate: High Price Points, Ingredients & More

Two words that have recently been in the mix lately is — celebrity and skincare. It seems like every week we’re hearing about a new skincare or wellness line being released and they’re getting a lot of love and hate. We’ve covered everything you need to know about these celebrity involvements even though they aren’t dermatologists and what the internet thinks.

The Power of Patagonia: Working Towards A Greener Earth, Sustainability, Activism & More

Yvon Chouinard founded Patagonia nearly 50 years ago and never intended to be a business man let alone grow a company to make him become a billionaire. Chouinard is a surfer, a kayaker and a climber and lives a simple life. Read along for how he went from making pitons to now promising better help for the planet with Patagonia.

What It’s Like To Attend NYFW:  Events, Shows, Networking, Recaps & More!

New York Fashion Week has officially wrapped up and we’ve got the scoop on all things brand events, scoring an invite, what it’s like to go to shows, meeting other creators, gift bags and more! This is definitely an exciting time of the year where all fashion lovers get together and designers get to showcase the work the’ve been focusing on to the public. Read along for everything you need to know from this year’s NYFW from the perspective of an influencer & blogger.

The Matilda Djerf Effect: Her Influence, Djerf Avenue & Why We’re So Obsessed

Many trends derive from influencers and social media, however Matilda Djerf has created such a strong online presence, we can’t help but be obsessed. From oversized button up shirts, to New Balance sneakers, and many more of her Swedish styles captured online, Djerf has now created her own brand to embody the most confident and chic version of yourself. Read along for everything to know.

How Rare Beauty Is Leaving A Mark In The Beauty Industry: Strategies, Products, Social Media & More!

Rare Beauty has taken over social media by storm — more specifically Tiktok and the frenzy that people have gone through to grab their sold out blushes among many other products. But why does Rare Beauty stand out among every other beauty brand out there? Read along for everything to know about Selena Gomez’s brand!