What It’s Like To Attend NYFW:  Events, Shows, Networking, Recaps & More!

New York Fashion Week has officially wrapped up and we’ve got the scoop on all things brand events, scoring an invite, what it’s like to go to shows, meeting other creators, gift bags and more! This is definitely an exciting time of the year where all fashion lovers get together and designers get to showcase the work the’ve been focusing on to the public. Read along for everything you need to know from this year’s NYFW from the perspective of an influencer & blogger.

How Rare Beauty Is Leaving A Mark In The Beauty Industry: Strategies, Products, Social Media & More!

Rare Beauty has taken over social media by storm — more specifically Tiktok and the frenzy that people have gone through to grab their sold out blushes among many other products. But why does Rare Beauty stand out among every other beauty brand out there? Read along for everything to know about Selena Gomez’s brand!

How To Not Fall Under The Pressure of Social Media: Overworking, ‘Perfect’ Lives & More

After constantly seeing videos and pictures on social media of people rebranding their entire lives as the new year has officially approached, is this something positive that we should all follow or is this actually harmful and creating a false narrative for us to consistently be living our best lives? Read along for a reminder to not compare yourself to what you’re seeing. online