30+ Influencers, Models & Creators You Need To Be Following On Instagram Right Now

As someone who’s been on social media since middle school and has followed tons of different creators, it’s safe to say that this list is the perfect round up of a ton of fun, fashionable, and stylish influencers, models, and content creators that you’re going to want to follow right after you read this. Whether you’re aesthetic is street style, a mix of Parisian, comfort and casual, hints of luxury, and more, you will find your match within this post. It can also be hard sometimes to find someone who you resonate with online in terms of style and someone you know you can go to their page and always find great inspiration so we’ve got you covered.

A lot of these creators also have built great relationships with their followers and are always active on their stories, showing behind the scenes on cool and fun campaigns they’re working on, asking their audience what they want to see next from them, linking outfits, accessories, shoes and more. Scroll down and you may find one of your favorite influencers or content creators within this post.

If you love any of these outfits and have gotten inspiration or want to try to recreate them, leave a comment and let us know on our instagram @glamourandguide!

1. Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf

She’s known for having the perfect hair and it’s almost impossible to not find that true. Her style is a great mix of comfort, girly, and classy. Matilda also has her own brand called Djerf Avenue in which she provides a great mix of clothing, trousers, accessories, and much more fun looks for you to purchase all ethically made. Matilda also works on Djerf Avenue with her boyfriend Rasmus as she posts a lot of behind the scenes when they’re both working on new items. You’ll also find frequent photos of her adorable dog Rufus.

2. Emma Leger @emmaleger

Emma is a frequent traveler who always post the best and top notch vacation photos whether she’s in her home of Canada, or in a fun spot with her insta friends such as Los Angeles. You’ll find adorable summer pictures, new luxury purchases, adorable casual and more dressed up outfits, and Insta stories on her cute cat Pippa that her followers are obsessed with and we don’t blame them.

3. Sofia Coelho @sofiamcoelho

Not only does Sofia always post consistently, but she has a new outfit almost every other day and the content is amazing. Scrolling through her stories you’re going to find the best aesthetic pictures and videos, and her style is a perfect mix of preppy, comfortable, and chic. She is also always experimenting with cool colors so it’s not just one color palette on her entire feed! If you love a mix of neutral tones with pops of color, Sofia is worth the follow.

4. Brigette @acquired.style

After recently discovering Brigette through TikTok and then following on Instagram, she is always bringing her followers new outfits that are perfect inspiration for every season no matter where you live. She also always brings pops of colors as the pink coat we’re obsessed with pictured below. Brigette also makes cowboy boots look so chic and we’re instantly adding them into our shopping cart. Stay up to date on fun influencer events as well on her stories!

5. Summer Rachel Warren @summerrachelwarren

Summer is not only one of the realest influencers out there, but she’s always keeping her audience and followers up to date on exciting things happening in her life, new purchases, behind the scenes on creating content, and of course, cute clothing hauls on her social media channels! You’ll always find something new on her feed whether it’s on TikTok or Instagram, and tons of outfit inspiration no matter what your style is. Summer gives a great mix of girly looks, street style, and colorful outfits.

6. Allison Whalen @allisonjwhalen

We’ve discovered Allison via her Tiktok and are obsessed with her daily outfit detail videos and her Instagram where she documents her cozy looks with some hints of business casual looks of blazers, trench coats, loafers and more. If you’re looking for great everyday look whether it’s for school, work, or brunch with friends, Allison is worth the follow and you’ll find great inspiration from her Tiktok account as well.

7. Marigona @marigonakadr

By far one of my favorite Tiktok accounts has to be Marigona. She has a diverse mix of a ton of neutrals giving minimalistic outfit inspiration to all. She does provide some pops of color every once in a while such as the green we pictured below from her Instagram, but overall her aesthetic is clean, sophisticated, and very chic. Her purses are to die for and we are obsessed with her boot collection as she seems to be have a boot and jacket or coat for almost any occasion you can think of and we’re obsessed.

8. Mackenzie @mackenziekroh

When you think of Gossip Girl and New York, Mackenzie is the account to go to. After discovering her on our explore page, we knew she was worth the follow as she gives the best preppy, luxury chic, and Gossip Girl vibes from her pictures and outfits. You won’t be disappointed to see new looks she comes up with when she posts and she also has a Tiktok account where you’ll find vlogs of a day in her life as a fashion student, and much more adorable NYC and fashion content.

9. Amaka @amaka.hamelijnck

With amazing fashion inspiration all year round, Amaka provides the perfect neutral outfits with color spread out through her feed as well in small sections. as well as delicious food, beautiful handbags, the cutest jackets, cool drinks and more! She is also based in Amsterdam and has a podcast with her content creator friends. Amaka is a consistent creator on social media and is always giving the best casual inspiration.

10. Emily Kosichek @emilykosichek

Discovering Emily on our explore page allowed us to find her account and see her cozy outfits and lifestyle that she shows on social media. You will find neutral and minimal outfits as well as some pops of color too and we love how aesthetic her feed is. Emily also has a Tiktok where she does a lot more outfit details when she’s heading out the door for any occasion. For all the fashion obsessed people out there, you’ve found the right account for you.

11. Elsa Hosk @hoskelsa

Not only did Elsa recently have her baby, but she’s continued to serve us with amazing pictures whether they’re of outfits, Instagram stories when she’s out and about, or of course adorable videos of her baby, we are always looking forward to see what is to come when she has a new photo or video. After following Elsa for several years now, her style continues to evolve and it’s definitely one of our personal favorites when it comes to street style, business casual and more laid back looks at home.

12. Eirunn @eirunneba

After finding Eirunn on Tiktok, we of course had to follow her Instagram as she is living her best life in Los Angeles. Whether it’s her photo dumps, pictures of flower bouquets, daily outfit details or beach sunset pictures, we can’t get enough of it. Not only that, but her entire feed is so colorful and cute that you really won’t get sick of seeing what’s coming next or a new outfit. You can also follow her Tiktok where she gives more behind the scenes on her life and exciting events or things she does!

13. Gergana Ivanova @fashionismyfortee

After moving from NYC to Miami, Gergana is the perfect inspiration for girls on the go who want a mix of street style and cool girl. We are definitely obsessed with her aesthetic and everything she posts, outfits she puts together, and of course her traveling content which is always top notch. You will find more neutral toned looks and less color but we still love everything she wears and it’s impossible to ever see her in a bad outfit.

14. Tracy Valentine @tracyxvalentine

Not only is Tracy’s style super clean, a mix of sophisticated chic, and street style, but she also knows how to dress to impress and provides a perfect mix of neutrals with pops of color on her feed. She is a creator from Montreal and is also a model! We are obsessed with all her looks and style and can’t wait to see more fun content she keeps creating next.

15. Jourdan Sloane @jourdansloane

After following Jourdan for over a year now, we love how her minimal style and how she focuses on fashion, beauty and wellness. Jourdan is always bringing the coolest collaborations and partnerships for her audience and we are always there to see what she is going to bring next and support her! You can also find her on Tiktok to see more behind the scenes content and what she’s working on next.

16. Benthe Liem @bentheliem

Another one of our favorite creators, Benthe Liem, who also has her own women’s clothing and swimwear brand called Butter and Hazel and we are stunned with everything she’s accomplished and has been able to bring for her audience. Her style is very chic, mixed with street style and comfort which of course we love. She also has been embracing a lot of neutrals which never go out of style and we’re excited to see more fun colder weather fashion she has in store.

17. Rachel Ratke @rachratke

After discovering Rachel on our discover page on Instagram, she gives off the best cool girl inspiration and comfortable style. She’s definitely someone who you would see in the street and think “Wow, I want her outfit.” Rachel gives a great mix of neutral toned looks while also staying minimal and of course accessorizing on top.

18. Kate Bartlett @katee.bartlett

Not only is Kate a college student who is managing being a fashion content creator, attending events, and working with brands, but she’s also huge on Tiktok and always films a day in her life as a fashion student or videos where she will ask her audience to help her pick out outfits. It’s always exciting to see fun collaborations she’s doing as well, PR package unboxing on her stories, and more. Kate is definitely worth the follow as she goes around NYC living her best life.

19. Doya @dojahenshaw

Besides the fact that her skin is always glowing, her style is insanely cute, and her curls are everything, we are obsessed with Doya and everything she brings to her Instagram. Her outfits are perfect inspiration for those looking for a mix of street style, casual, and some pops of fun color. We love all of her looks and can’t wait to see more of what she will do and accomplish.

20. Claire Rose @clairerose

Claire’s travel photos are something we all aspire to reach when we are living our best lives in Paris or somewhere outside the country. She has such classy and minimalistic style, that it’s fairly easy to recreate some of her looks as they are all very neutral toned. No matter the season or the occasion, you’re good to go as long as you’re following Claire and you will be a very stylish, yet casual cool girl.

21. Sofia Boman @sofiaboman

A life who we aspire to have is definitely Sofia’s. Not only does she have the perfect outfits and looks for almost any occasion, but she has a great aesthetic feed that inspires us to go out, go to a cafe to get work done and of course look good while doing it. More neutral toned inspiration for you if you’re looking to narrow down on colors, Sofia does it well!

22. Chase Wise @chasemarieee

Chase makes New York even more dreamy than it already is as she continues to bring on the best and newest outfits almost everyday! We love her preppy, neutral, and fun inspired outfits that she continues to serve. Her fashion week looks were everything and we can’t wait to see what more Winter and Fall looks she is going to provide her audience. The next time you’re heading somewhere and have no idea what to wear, Chase’s account is definitely worth stopping by.

23. Kaja Isdahl @kaja_isdahl

This gorgeous gal has some of the best Winter and Fall looks, especially when it comes to layering or colder season accessories as she styles them in the cutest ways. We love seeing new looks she comes up with and is a great minimal and neutral toned fashion content creator who is always staying consistent.

24. Bella Hadid @bellahadid

Bella Hadid has to be the blueprint for all girls as she truly is always glowing, happy, and doing something fun. She has very fun, cute, and girly inspiration for all those who follow her and she just can’t help but make us smile when we’re going through her feed. Bella is someone we all truly aspire to be.

25. Bruna @brunabear

One of our favorite casual Instagram bloggers and creators is for sure Bruna! She has a perfect mix of comfort and casual with neutral toned looks. Have we mentioned that we’re also obsessed with her hair and how gorgeous and soft it looks? Bruna is definitely a great content creator and provides amazing content for her followers as she lives her life and she also currently runs a podcast with her friends.

26. Viviane Audi @vivianeaudi

This glowing gal and New Jersey based influencer is currently living her best life in Paris but she does not miss when it comes to creating content and having the best casual fashion inspiration for her followers. We are always looking forward to the warmer months to see what adorable dresses and summer looks Viviane has for her audience, as well as the colder season to see more layered up fun looks. So worth the follow to see everyday casual inspiration great for girls on the go.

27. Ines Silva @irisloveunicorns

We’ve been following Ines for a long time now and her cool girl aesthetic with hints of street style is everything we love. She has a great mix of preppy, street style, colorful looks, and almost everything in between as her style is very well rounded. You will never be bored following Ines and waiting to see what she comes up with next.

28. Cinzia @cinziabayliszullo

She has the best mix of colorful looks and she is always dressed up with heels and a button up or a dress, or dressed down with sneakers. Cinzia also has a podcast with her friend Sophia called The Girls Bathroom and she has accumulated a wide range of listeners who love staying up to date with their new episodes. If you love pops of colors, an aesthetic feed, and hints of luxury, you will love Cinzia’s account.

29. Amelie Zilber @ameliezilber

Founder of TwoMinuteTimes and UNICEF ambassador, Amelie is a well-rounded and educated girl who also is a huge fashionista as you can see pictured below. She never fails to bring girly and chic outfit moments to her feed, but she also provides educated information for her audience to stay up to date on anything going on in the world.

30. Barbara Kristofferson @barbarakristoffersen

One of our favorite and most aesthetic feeds on Instagram has to be Barbara. She is constantly giving us the newest trending looks and serving colorful outfits as well. No matter the season, Barbara is always giving her followers something new and she never fails to bring new outfits for her audience. She has a few videos up as well on Tiktok such as packing with her for vacation, converse unboxing, her Motel collection and more! You will also most likely find her all over your Pinterest feed!

31. Kayla Kane @kaylakane

Kayla is a frequent traveler and hard worker when it comes to content, work, and living her best life. She is constantly updating her followers on new things going on in her life whether it’s working with brands, new nail inspiration when she’s heading to the salon, or new purchases she’s making. Kayla is always bringing the best outfits whether it’s street style, preppy, chic, or dressed up, she has a great variety of almost any look on her Instagram. Check out her reels and Tiktok for more behind the scenes content in her life and anything new she’s working on.

32. Xenia Adonts @xeniaadonts

Xenia has such a fun and outgoing personality, it’s almost impossible to not like her. From her instagram photos in amazing outfits and fun trips of her out and about, to her Tiktoks where she asks her followers to help her pick out her outfits, you get a fun perspective on Xenia’s life and exciting events she attends. Truly an amazing influencer who gives her followers real and raw footage of her life as well as her working on her brand ATTIRE THE STUDIOand all the work that goes into it.

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