Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over New Balance Sneakers: From Models to Athletes

It was impossible to imagine years ago that we would be seeing New Balance back in stock, sold out on multiple websites, and being worn by a ton of models, influencers, and more. New Balance are not just for working out anymore, but they are the new street style shoe taking over your Instagram feed and being seen almost everywhere. Why are people just obsessing over them now though and how did they become so popular?

Social media plays a huge part in what stays in trend, what comes in and out of hiding from our closet, where you can learn to shop from including places you haven’t heard from, impulsive buying, and much more. It’s either a negative or positive place depending on how it’s viewed and it definitely leaves a huge impact on our wallets too with how much we spend after seeing anything online. This also goes with New Balance and their popularity. Brands are also doing collabs with companies that create even more talk and news that cause people to want things even more. We’ve broken down everything there is to know about these sneakers, why they’re suddenly so popular, where to buy them, how to style them, and more that may lead you closing this post and going to look for a pair for yourself.

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When Did New Balance Become So Popular?

Move over Nike because New Balance are here to stay. Seeing how these shoes have slowly become popular again after they were not even thought to be seen on people’s feet is still crazy to imagine. This does go to show how fashion is unpredictable and you never know what is going to be in style again a year from now, a week from now, or even a month. New Balance started gaining popularity again about 2-3 years ago thanks to a lot of fashion creators, influencers and models who started wearing them with their outfits. Brands also then started doing collaboration with NB and this created even more hype around the shoe because now people wanted to get their hands on them even more.

Aime Leon Dore is a great example of a shoe collaboration that ended up going viral because now everyone is trying to get these shoes in the specific color way and resale websites are hiking the prices up knowing that people are willing to pay these prices because of how much they are in style and popular right now.

Where Can You Buy New Balance?

The websites and stores you can find New Balance on are endless and there’s also quite a couple of resale websites that are providing these shoes at higher prices for certain colors and styles if you’re looking to purchase them right away. Some of these websites that you can grab a pair of New Balance on include:

  • New Balance Official Website
  • SSense
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Shopbop
  • GOAT
  • StockX
  • ASOS
  • Nordstrom
  • J Crew
  • Bloomindgales
  • DSW
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Saks OFF 5TH

Models & Influencers Wearing New Balances

A lot of content creators, models, and influencers have been wearing these athlesiure style outfits, and even casual every day looks including jeans and sweaters with their New Balance sneakers. This is a style that is becoming much more popular and it looks so good on them. Some models who have been wearing them out and about include Kaia Gerber, Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajkowski and more. We are obsessed with these looks and some creators who definitely influenced the fashion scene by introducing these shoes in a super casual yet flattering way are Matilda Djerf, Sofia Coelho and Claire Rose as shown below.

These creators and models show how you can wear these sneakers with any outfit. Whether it’s with a matching blazer and trouser, straight leg jeans with a sweatshirt, trousers with a button up blouse, blazer and biker shorts, and more. The looks are great and endless and are shoes that can be worn for any season, not just the summer.

How To Style New Balances

As styled below, we’ve picked some of our personal favorite looks that have been styled online by these creators. These New Balance sneakers are worn with a blazer, tank top and biker shorts, a large oversized blazer and trouser pants, a white basic t-shirt with trouser pants or straight leg pants, sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and a large oversized jacket, and even more. It is safe to say that these sneakers are the perfect way to add something casual and fun with basics. Basics don’t have to be boring and they can always be dressed up to have everyone turning heads seeing how cool your outfit is. There’s almost no wrong way that you can possibly wear New Balance sneakers because they are also great for wearing with a simple dress and button up over it.

Are New Balances Worth It or Will They Go Out Of Style?

It is hard to predict what styles will stay in trend and what will go. Seeing how much these shoes have grown over the past few years, more brands will definitely collaborate with New Balance and this will create more hype around the company. They are definitely worth the splurge and grabbing in a few colors. The best part about this brand is that it’s not just great for athletic wear and working out, but you can also wear them with any outfit from a simple dress to even trousers. The versatility in these sneakers make them a perfect staple in anybody’s wardrobe and are something you need to grab as soon as possible. You may even find your favorite influencer wearing them soon too.

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