The 10 Best Bags of 2020: Classy, Designer & Affordable Edition

Designer bags is definitely something I would love to splurge on and there are so many classy ones that never go out of style. Although this year has definitely been full of ups and downs, we may have either spent a lot of money ordering stuff we don’t need from Amazon, or have saved from being inside for so many months. There’s honestly no in between. But if you’re looking for a new bag to spoil yourself with, want some new inspo for what to get next, or just need a good idea of what you want your first bag to be whether it’s affordable or designer, this blog post goes through all of that for you.

The list of handbags are not in a particular order from best to worst. The bags were just listed from 1-10 with some images and insight about each one. These are also my complete opinion on what I believe are some of the best bags from 2020 and everyone is entitled to their opinion on which they love the best or the ones that deserved to be in here. Although I don’t own any of these, I know in the future I will but for now I can just admire them from Pinterest and Instagram. If there’s a bag you want from this list or actually have and you love it, leave a comment under this post or tell us at our Instagram right here @glamourandguide.

1. Prada Redition & Shoulder Bags

First on the list is the infamous Prada Redition. This is a bag I definitely want to save up for because I have seen so many influencers and content creators from Instagram post these over and over again. I love how they can be dressed up with a dress and heels, but also look just as good if you’re running for some coffee in the morning, or brunch with the girls in the afternoon. It comes in so many adorable colors as well and the size is just so perfect for your essentials and a hand sanitizer and mask of course.

2. Dior Saddle Bag

I am so obsessed with this bag and all of the styles it has. I have seen this bag with sherpa on it, a fur material, the embroidered logo, leather, and even more. The list just goes on with how many ways you can style this bag and it’s not just a shoulder bag, but you can also buy a strap for it and make it into a crossbody as well. I have heard it is super small inside and for the price you’re paying, it is pretty high but it is definitely something worth splurging on. This bag is very basic too and just has the “CD” for Christian Dior on the sides and then the “D” for Dior coming out on the front of the bag. It has easy access to go right in and is the perfect versatile bag for a night out.

3. Baguette Bags

I bought the white version of this bag over the summer and I could not stop wearing it with any outfit. It has the perfect size inside for your all your essentials and the colors are also endless. It reminds me of a more affordable Prada bag from the one mentioned previously. It is also super comfortable and this bag can be taken through any season. Whether it’s Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, just know this bag is the best. This is another bag that can also be dressed up and dressed down with some sneakers.

4. Chanel Flap Bag

This is a bag that I am going to get in my lifetime no matter what!! I seriously love this bag so much and it is on my list of dream designer bags. It comes in a lot of colors from what I’ve seen on Pinterest and the size inside is fairly reasonable. The only downside of this bag is that every year the price increase is so high that you’re better off getting it second hand or at a consignment store. It keeps rising and they are honestly getting ridiculous but I obviously still want to own one…probably a pre-loved one though to save some money. Other than the crazy price tag, it is never going to go out of style and is such a classy look for anybody and any outfit.

5. Top Handle Bags

This is such a cute and feminine little bag. It makes me want to dress up and go to the city and just have a night out. It is such a cute small little bag and the best part is that it has multiple sizes from almost any brand. You don’t need a designer one and can find a ton of dupe online as well. Although I haven’t seen these in a lot of colors, they definitely do have a lot available if you looked hard enough. Sizing looks reasonable for just the basics for everyday and depending on the type that you get, it can probably be turned into a crossbody as well.

6. Balenciaga Hourglass

Balenciaga hasn’t been super in style with some of the content creators I follow on Instagram and I rarely see this bag on Pinterest, but for the people that I do follow who own this bag, they make it look so good and it seems like a great bag as well. The leather on the outside with the gold accented “B” on the front is such a nice and simple look. Not super over the top and can definitely be dressed up or worn with a pair of jeans and a jacket. The sizing also looks reasonable for everyday items and I have only seen this in a couple of colors but I happened to find the hot pink one on Pinterest as shown below.

7. Ruched Leather Bag

I have seen a lot of influencers wearing this one and it isn’t a very common one though. I haven’t seen too many designer versions of this bag but it is very cute. The colors also seem to range for a small palette of shades but other than that, it does seem like the same size as the baguette bag from before just with some ruched detailing. It is a little twist on your basic every go to bag and definitely is a statement look for any outfit you decide to wear.

8. Jacquemus Le Chiquito

Jacquemus is another brand which is as the very top of my designer bag wishlist. I feel that his bags are always going to be in style but they are mainly more popular in the summer just because the variety of colors and the patterns that I’ve seen are very summer-esque and they are super bright. Jacquemus does make these in neutral colors but those aren’t the ones that are usually as popular as the pink, blue, and yellow ones. Other than that, this bag is pretty pricey and is extremely small. Everyone makes fun of this bag for how small it is and at one point, it was trending on TikTok for how much you can even try to fit in it. I still want this bag of course because it’s such an iconic look.

9. Bottega Veneta Padded Casette

I saw this bag on an Influencer I follow on Instagram last year and it isn’t really popular either but I love the style of the padded leather so much!! I haven’t seen any versions of this besides the leather and the suede material. It is definitely unlike the Saddle Bag from Dior which comes in so many styles. But the colors for this Bottega bag do range as well. I haven’t seen super bright colors since this brand is normally known for neutrals, but still I love that and I wouldn’t wear a crazy bright bag anyway. I was actually obsessed with this bag over the summer and wanted to save up to buy it second hand but I am just going to wait to save and keep it on my designer bag wishlist still. It is something I see worn a lot though through any season.

10. Louis Vuitton Pochette & Shoulder Bag

Last on this list, but definitely not least is the Louis Vuitton shoulder bags, and the pochette bag. I have seen these a lot on Instagram and Pinterest and they seem like the cutest little bags ever. Just like the Prada ones, they seem about the same size and the chain is such a nice touch to add a little color to it since they are mainly neutrals. There is a more colorful Louis which I found and put below but other than that I typically see the classic LV Logo printed all over it since that is the one that is most popular. Also can be dressed up and down for any occasion.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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