Normalize Self-Care: Not Just For Sad Days

If you know someone who’s ever been through a breakup, had a rough week, just isn’t feeling their best, and maybe this person happens to be you, then you have definitely either been told or just normally decide that you need to light some candles, turn on a diffuser, do a face mask, and you’re good to go. But why do we need to only do these acts and forms of self-care when we’re going through a not so easy moment in our lives? Giving yourself the maintenance, love, and care that you deserve shouldn’t only be during these times.

In this blog post, you are going to read 6 different ways that you can truly use to take care of yourself no matter what you’re going through. Everyday give yourself those 10-20 minutes of just relaxing, or go get your nails done and hair because you really do deserve it. And no, self-care doesn’t meaning going out and spending money then complaining later about how you’re broke. Self-care is also reading a book to learn something new, trying some yoga, or going on an early morning walk. Follow our official instagram @glamourandguide and let us know what’s your favorite form of self-care or something new you want to try from this blog post.

1. Emotional Self-Care

Getting in tune with how you are everyday no matter the situation, simply just how you wake up in the morning or how you spend time alone, are forms of emotional self-care. How do you check in with yourself? How do you let things out without keeping them tucked inside and feeling positive about the way they are released? Journaling, meditation, and mantras are great ways to practice this. Even if you do 10 minutes of meditation when you wake up, writing down how you feel at the end of the day in a notebook, or reminding yourself of positive affirmations really help you express the way you are inside. You can even release this through fun activities such as painting, drawing, singing, blogging, and more. The most important rule is to have fun with the way you do things.

Normalizing letting emotions out as well even if it’s crying to a sad playlist, or going on a ride at night with the windows down and listening to empowering music is another way you can just be alone and not care about anything else in the moment. Letting yourself have these vulnerable moments where you’re not afraid about anyone else, is so freeing.

2. Physical Self-Care

Not everyone enjoys working out or getting exercise because they assume it’s just getting sweaty and lifting something. Getting exercise is also taking a 20 minute walk maybe early in the morning and listening to an amazing playlist to get you ready for the day, or getting exercise is also a little jog and not being too hard on yourself about how far or how fast you can run. We need to not always see everything as a competition or a race and then get mad at ourselves when we don’t reach a goal. Of course it is important to have goals and want to reach them, but being too hard on ourselves is where it needs to change.

You can also do some yoga to focus on your inner peace and just relax and breathe with no interruptions. Don’t make giving your body that extra love feel like a chore. Only do it if it feels like you know at the end you will be happy with how you feel. When you look good, you feel good.

3. Learning Self-Care

Picking up on new books and learning about something new is what I have always wanted to do but never found the way to make time for it. Expanding the way you think, your mindset, and learning more about a topic you think you already know a lot about, is a fun and exhilarating experience. The best part about reading is that there are millions of books out there on almost any topic, person, or thing so there is guaranteed something for you to like. Whether it’s business, fashion, math, or even self-care, the possibilities are endless.

For those who aren’t into reading, audiobooks and podcasts are another one of my favorite ways to learn about something new. Podcasts are honestly my secret obsession and my favorite is “How I Built This” with Guy Raz. It is a business and interview podcast but that’s what I love about it. Even if you know and think you aren’t going to like any of these ideas, trying it at least once will really let you know if you would enjoy it or not. I remember in middle school trying to listen to a podcast and hated it because I liked watching stuff where I could see the person or I would easily get side tracked and not pay attention, but now I find it so great when you’re on the go or even just sitting in your room or cleaning.

4. Social Self-Care

Even though spending time alone and doing things by yourself can be therapeutic and is great as well, you should also find to make time and spend with loved ones or your friends. Life is something that is not promised or can be stopped for anyone. That is something I have definitely learned this year especially with COVID. Although the year was taken from us and we have been facing something we haven’t ever faced before, it made all of us learn to really not take anything for granted. Since the pandemic is still happening, you don’t need to physically go out and see someone but you can FaceTime and talk for a little to your friend, maybe your parents or your grandparents. Everyone has different levels of comfort so it depends on what you’re willing to do.

5. Health Self-Care

Eating healthy doesn’t mean not giving yourself days where you can eat anything you want. But having a good balance between healthy and foods that aren’t so healthy is something we should all incorporate into our lifestyles. When you eat healthy, you do feel better about yourself and it encourages you to want to continue eating like that. Giving your body love is also through the way you feed it and it shouldn’t be forced. You can slowly add in fruits or vegetables and healthy snacks on certain days of the week and then when you go out or on weekends not worry about what you’re intaking. When you think too much and obsess over calories, or sugar, and how much you don’t want to allow yourself to take, this is when it can develop into something that isn’t as good for you.

Taking trips to the grocery story or going to a farmer’s market is a fun way to buy colorful and good food for you to eat and even meal prep if that helps. The most important part is to do what works for you. Don’t scroll or stalk people on social media and see how their body looks wishing you had it. Be happy with the way you are because no one else on this Earth looks like you or is going to be you. Everyone is beautiful the way they are. Scroll down for some positive quotes, affirmations, and mantras to save and look at everyday when you need the extra push of love.

Positivity, Love & Light For You

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.