Kayla Kane: Content Creator & Founder of Little Luxe Vintage

As we continue our Influencer Interview series, today’s spotlight is on Kayla Kane, a Content Creator on social media, as well as the founder and owner of Little Luxe Vintage, “authentic reworked vintage designer” jewelry for both men and women. Kane was born in California, but since then has traveled and lived in several different places across the United States and is now a full time professional ballet dancer! With just her personal account @kaylakane on Instagram, she has built up a little over 13k followers, and right now is at 2.5k on Little Luxe Vintage. You can visit LLV right here and stay tuned for Drop VI, a “capsule collection with 40+ handmade pieces” which includes “The Locks” that are going to be releasing Saturday, December 12th! This collection features Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and more designer classic locks.

Aside from working on her business and on her fashion content, Kane has a lot in store for the future and plans she wants to fulfill such as traveling more, possibly returning back to complete school after pursuing her ballet career, and just being happy. Read on for more about Kayla Kane, her go to fashion for staple pieces, favorite designer brands, how she chose the name Little Luxe Vintage, her quotes for life, vision for her future, and more!

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, your career, etc.)
    • K: I’m from San Jose, California but I’ve lived in a few different places all over the United States. Arizona, Ohio, Southern California, as well as a few others for the summer! I traveled around a lot to train to become a professional ballet dancer which is my full time job now!
  • Since our blog is called Glamour and Guide, what are your favorite go-to brands at the moment— whether it’s clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.?
    • K: My go to brands vary but my staples are: Princess Polly Boutique, Oak and Fort, Zara, Aritzia, etc.! My favorite designer brands: Chanel, Gucci, and Dior. But I really love them all!

  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
    • K: 10 years from now I see my ballet career having already come to a close (ballet dancers physically can’t dance at an older age) and focusing on my own business Little Luxe Vintage as well as working for myself as a fashion influencer. Hopefully also social media managing for various clients. Maybe school? I never completed college due to my ballet career so I would love to go back!
  • Can you tell us what your personal brand Little Luxe Vintage is and what it’s about? How did you decide on a name and make everything vintage?
    • K: My goal here at Little Luxe is to make luxury items attainable for ALL people as well as re-shape the way society thinks about designer jewelry. I wanted to make jewelry that anybody could picture themselves in which is why Little Luxe is almost all unisex jewelry. A lot of similar vintage designer businesses just cater towards women but men deserve to feel fly in designer too! The name actually came to be after a few brainstorming sessions with my BFF! The name of my page was originally @livealittlevintage. She came up with “little luxury” and thus @littleluxevintage was born! Fun fact: It was almost @inthecityvintage. Sex and the City was a huge inspiration for Little Luxe. 

  • Where do you find inspiration for your everyday style or when you want to create a new look? 
    • K: PINTEREST. You can find me endlessly scrolling and making moodboards. Aesthetics and branding are such a passion of mine and I love putting together a whole “feel.” I also love looking at my fellow influencers for inspiration! I’m always saving photos that are inspiring.
  • What’s an outfit that you can’t stop wearing?
    • K: I can’t stop wearing sweater vests this fall! I’m constantly wearing one with a button down. I also LOVE faux leather. It’s so versatile and makes me feel so chic.

  • How did you begin your personal business? Did you ever doubt yourself or have second thoughts?
    • K: I have always had a huge passion for designer. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family so it was this unattainable thing that I would read about, watch online, and see in store windows. I studied authenticity of designer items for a while before I even thought about starting a business. Then one day I just started it lol! I’m the type of person who just goes for it. “You will never know until you try” is one of my mottos. That and “You know who’s going to give you everything? Yourself.”
  • What’s your go to quote or something that keeps you motivated everyday or when you have low times?
    • K: “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel. In general, you can do anything you put your mind to.

  • Aside from content creation, social media, and keeping up with your brand, what are some of your hobbies or something people may not know about you? Did you pick up on anything while spending so much time at home this year?
    • K: I’m happy to say my jobs are what I love to do in my free time! But when I’m not working you can find me watching Bachelorette or various Netflix shows, reading a good book, making vegan meals, or spending time with my wonderful boyfriend. 
  • What’s your favorite piece of jewelry so far that you have sold on LLV?
    • K: This is a very hard question! I loved the Chanel Coco Rider pieces I had in Drop V. I also love the lariat design I created in the last drop. For Drop VI I have a very rare gold Dior lock necklace which is to DIE for. I wish I could keep it!
  • What is your vision for yourself, your life, and your future?
    • K: I just want to be successful and happy! Might seem basic but one of my greatest fears is not living up to my full potential. I hope to continue to learn and grow in the things I love.

  • Is there anywhere you plan on traveling to or would like to have gone before the pandemic hit the world? 
    • K: I really want to go to Europe! Paris has been a dream of mine for a while as well as Italy. My best friend and I plan on trying to travel somewhere internationally after the pandemic. 

If you love Kayla’s content and would like to see more, check out her Instagram down below: @kaylakane

Visit the official Little Luxe Vintage website here and follow @littleluxevintage on Instagram!

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