Best Stocks For 2021: 10 Stocks You Need To Know About

2020 was definitely a year to remember for the financial markets in the United States. From oil going negative to the DOW easing most of its gains to gaining those gains back in a matter of months. Or even to millions filing for unemployment each week, the economy has definitely gone through unique moments. Like 2020, 2021 will have those stocks that just really blindsided the market. Scroll below to view a list from 1 being the best all the way to 10 for which stocks you need to know about. This article will give you some investment ideas for your own portfolio, and hopefully inspire you to want to get started in the stock market. Comment below which company is your favorite and that you’re wanting to invest in.

10. Morgan Stanley (MS)

With interest rates close to zero and the economy struggling people are scared and saving more than ever. Huge bank stocks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs both have seen an increase in savings and also in loans. People need money, so they take out loans, and with interest being close to 0 people do not mind asking for loans from the bank. Also with businesses struggling business owners have also decided to take out more loans to keep their business afloat. Both an increase in savings and in loans have led to bank stocks to rise. 

9. Ford (F)

Though you probably see Ford trucks in commercials most of the time. They are actually investing capital into electric vehicles, they have come to realize that sadly “American Muscle” is not the way that Americans see themselves driving in the coming years. With Tesla being added to the S&P 500 and being arguably one of the hottest stocks ever, people are coming to realize that the EV sector is the future. Ford released its all-electric Mustang and is expected to make deliveries this year. With Ford being less than 10 dollars people are hoping it could be the next Tesla. Also with the incoming President, he has stressed the need for renewable energy and becoming a leader in green energy. Who knows, maybe Ford will get a decent investment from the government to compete with Tesla. 

8. FuelCell (FCELL)

Like other renewable energy companies, FuelCell has seen a drastic increase in volume. With the new Administration pushing for green new energy companies like FuelCell are going to thrive. The government has now prioritized new energy sources. The United States is coming to realize that all other major countries are investing millions into new clean energy which has led to a whole new sector in markets. With the government moving to cleaner energy stocks like FuelCell are bound to rise in the coming years.

7. Disney (DIS)

Disney plus has become a staple streaming service over the pandemic. Subscribers have increased almost to half of what Netflix has only been around for about 14 months. With the pandemic changing how the American people watch movies and shows. The pandemic only sped up the process of streaming. People realize why go out to a movie theater when you could pay a monthly fee that is probably less than a movie ticket and watch 10 times more than what you could see in a movie theater. Also with Disney buying the rights to Marvel and Star Wars films they have provided a way to increase their revenue dramatically. 

6. Costco (COST)

Costco surged in 2020 the pandemic has encouraged people to shop at these wholesalers. They offer a bigger quantity of goods which means people do not have to shop as often. Their online sales increased like all other retailers, people rather pay for a subscription and get bigger quantities of goods. In 2021 Costco has become a household name in retail highlighting just on how much bigger they got over 2020. Also because of the pandemic retailers have learned how to cut unnecessary expenses which has led to more profits for the company.

5. Target (TGT)

The pandemic has completely shifted the way consumers buy now. Companies like Target and Walmart have seen a surge in online orders which has carried their revenues. They now offer order drive-up in which you open your trunk and they place the items in for you. Or they also have a pickup option where you buy everything online and when you get in the store you just pick those items up. Target has seen a drastic increase in these types of orders, which has made it easier for the American consumer to buy. You just go on your Target app and buy what you want and choose which way you want it to get to you. This pandemic has led to a shift in online shopping becoming dominant in a way society has never seen before. This way of shopping is a new way, why go into a store when you could order everything in a matter of seconds without moving an inch from your home. 

4. Nio (NIO)

Nio has been compared to Tesla in multiple ways, but the most distinct one is how both of these stocks came to the top so fast. Nio is another EV company, based in China Nio has slowly established itself as a top tier EV stock. When you think of Tesla and other stocks that have the possibility to compete with Tesla Nio is that stock. With them being based in China it gives them such a big market to sell to, all they have to do is increase their production. Also since China has dramatically increased its investment in infrastructure companies like Nio are encouraged by the government to keep inventing. With Nio day coming up on January 9th they are set to release a new vehicle into their fleet. Also ending 2020 Nio reported the most deliveries ever, which made investors extremely bullish. Nio definitely has the potential to rise as one of the leaders in the world for EV’s. 

3. Tesla (TSLA)

The crazy year that Tesla had though they could be in store for another one. With people coming to realize that EV’s are the future it has only grown their popularity. Tesla will only become bigger since it has become a staple name in markets around the world. As they make their production more efficient more vehicles will be made which means they will have more deliveries leading to more profits. Tesla has risen to the top in such a fashion that people would have never predicted. They basically created their own sector, nobody really knew about EVs till Tesla came along and they shifted the whole market. Tesla will continue to grow stronger and stronger in 2021. They are just going to continue growing and there’s no stopping it. 

2. Amazon (AMZN)

They have created an online marketplace like no other Amazon has become that perfect ideal of a stock to have in your portfolio. They have branched out in so many other sectors it’s like they are everywhere. Though Amazon is extremely expensive it is definitely not stopping where it is now. With the pandemic making online shopping increase dramatically, it was the last push Amazon needed to establish itself as one of the best stocks in the market. Online shopping is only going to keep increasing which means Amazon is only going to get bigger. Amazon has such a variety of goods that no other retailer can compare. Anything you want you can probably find it on Amazon and they have next day shipping which makes that wait so much easier. Amazon is only going to get bigger and there is no stopping online shopping in 2021 which means they will continue to branch into new sectors.

1. Apple (AAPL)

With news lingering that Apple is developing its own EV, people are wondering if the tech giant will expand to that sector. Even without that news, Apple is able to have a big 2021. With the release of its new iPhone and new Mac chips, Apple has the ability to increase its stock price. Apple having one of the biggest market capitalizations in the world just speaks volumes to how many people actually know how big Apple truly is. 2020 was a good year for Apple though iPhone sales did not reflect past years Apple has always found a way to innovate and make people buy more shares. With earnings coming up at the end of January it will show how Apple’s new products are being received among consumers. Also with Apple coming out with the new iPhones that support 5G, this has also peaked consumers’ interest because this is the new iPhone with the newest form of data. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world. People love their products and they always know how to interest consumers. 

Hopefully, this list will help you formulate a plan or decision to invest in any of these companies. Lastly, I hope this list makes you lots of gains for 2021!

Thank you so much for reading! 
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