Bring Your Wardrobe Back To Life: Sneaker Edition

Shopping and sneakers are definitely an obsession of mine even though there’s basically no where to go except to get some coffee, it’s fun to just browse or shop or browse online! I do love affordable shoes such as slip on vans or a classic pair of running shoes from Nike, but of course I also love more high end sneakers even if I’m not buying them. For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to grab the Air Jordan 1’s, specifically the Mochas which are featured in this post and I didn’t have any luck when they came out and those resale prices are ridiculous…so I’m just going to keep waiting but they’re still super high on my wishlist.

For the most part I have been able to grow my sneaker collection over the past couple of years and my style has 100% evolved which I love. I have compiled a list of some new sneakers and old ones that you may have heard of before but wasn’t sure how to style them, or if they were worth the price. Hopefully this can give you some great inspiration for the spring season ahead of us and how you can spice up and bring your sneaker closet back to life! Comment your favorite shoe below that was mentioned in this post.

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Nike Air Jordan 1

The amount of times that I have tried getting these shoes is too much to count. At first these definitely weren’t my taste but as I saw more and more people on instagram start to style them and after I saw the prices as well, I changed my mind and knew I needed to get it now. With the popularity of these and how many people have been wearing them and buying them, these definitely should be on your wishlist for the spring if you’re starting to transition your wardrobe. Be on the lookout as well for how to grab these sneakers in the new colors that continue to come out by following multiple instagram pages that give sneaker updates so you can stay on top of everything!

Nike Sacai

When I first saw these sneakers just like the previous ones, I wasn’t sure how to feel about them because at first glance the design is definitely interesting but wasn’t my taste. Once I saw more colors and people styling them again on Instagram and Pinterest, they did start to grow more on me. I also love the chunky bottom because it is different than other shoes you typically see and these are also sold out completely on the Nike website but you can probably find them on Stockx, GOAT, and other shoe selling website. Be aware of the prices though because they definitely did go up after retail just like many other shoes.

Air Jordan 4

I remember when I got my first pair of Jordans and I was in 6th grade. I had saved up my birthday money so I could get this black pair with some hot pink and orange so it was definitely a mess now that I look back at it but that was the first thing I thought of when I was looking for these sneakers pictures on Pinterest. I love how there have been a variety of this specific style in colors that are very unique. I love a pair of shoes that are more natural colored but of course getting some sneakers with a pop of colors is super fun and adds something different to your wardrobe. These will definitely be getting worn more in the upcoming Spring and Summer!

Yeezy 700 V3

Yeezy’s are another one of my favorite brands and I love the comfort that these sneakers bring. I currently own the 700s in the Salt color way and when we actually had places to be and to go to before Covid, I would wear them almost every week. I love the comfort they have and I have also tried on the 500s before and they were super comfortable. So I have nothing negative to say about these shoes because they’re so worth the hype and the price! The 700 V3 are a really unique and cool pair. It almost reminds me of something alien like if I’m being honest because you definitely don’t see sneakers that have been done like these.

B23 High Top Dior Sneaker

On the more pricey side of sneakers, these Dior high top ones are something I saw a girl wearing in a YouTube video almost a year or two ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. There’s nothing crazy that makes them different from just another pair of high top converse, just the fact that they have the brand name Dior. But I still would grab a pair of these sneakers if I had the money because while they are on the more expensive side, I love the monogrammed look of the logo and they would be so cute being dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

New Balance

This is a brand that I definitely saw making a comeback a couple of years ago. I remember when I was still in high school I had seen a couple people in the hallway wearing a pair of a new balances and I don’t remember the name of the specific style they had on, but I had always liked them. My dad also had a couple of pairs of these when I was middle school so I remember him wearing them as well. But, I recently got the New Balance 990v5 for Christmas and they are one of the best sneakers that I’ve gotten as of right now. I am obsessed with the look of them, the colors they provide, and the comfort. They go with so many different outfits and make sure to grab them because they have been selling out multiple times on the New Balance website.

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2

I had never seen these sneakers before ever…. like ever. I was scrolling through Pinterest once again and saw these and actually kind of liked them? I love the bottoms and how they have a cool but unique design to them. I always love having something new and different in my closet so if I can grab a pair of these before the end of the year, I’d be really happy!

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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