Zara Spring Essentials: You Need These Now

As we are starting to put away our Fall wardrobe and bringing out our colorful, pastel, and Spring clothes, sometimes we all need a re-vamp for our closet so we can have new outfits ready to go. If you are looking for some inspiration, a new style for yourself, or don’t know where to begin for your closet clean out to bring upgraded clothes in, this is the blog post for you. I have been stalking the Zara haul side of Tiktok for about two weeks now and I finally realized that enough is enough.

I needed to get on the Zara website immediately and see what all the commotion was about for their new Spring clothes that has had everyone raving. I am honestly obsessed with the Zara hauls of everyone buying cute basic tops, or adorable colors that would look so good when the weather starts to clear up. I have categorized this blog post into Prints, Skirts, Dresses, Color, Shoes, Bags + Accessories, and Knitwear so that I can reach a variety of items I found while scrolling through Zara.

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What I love about these printed clothes is that they’re not too obnoxious in terms of how unique they are. Some outfits have really crazy patterns and prints that I just would never wear, but these colors are so cute and are perfect for a date, walk in the park, brunch with friends, and more. The two piece skirt and top set in the photos below with the blue floral is by far my favorite and will definitely need to be purchase this Spring. One thing that is also great when you wear prints is that they can be combined with different outfits and tops or bottoms so you are always able switch it up with something new.


I am a huge sucker for dresses and skirts. If I could only wear them for the rest of my life, I seriously would. I love anything really girly and dresses really do the job for me. The dresses I picked below were some that I couldn’t take my eyes off of when I was browsing through the website. If I could purchase all of them, I really would right now too. I can imagine wearing them on a picnic date or fun outing with my girl friends where we can all take cute pics, and have a great time. I also love how these can be dressed up or down.


I definitely need to own more skirts in my closet because I don’t feel like I have enough and that’s an issue….they’re one of my favorite types of pieces of clothing to wear. Skirts can be dressed up or down and the ones that I showed below are perfect for that. You can pair them with some heels that I also show later in this post, or you can have some cute and casual sneakers. I’ve seen girls on Instagram wear them with New Balances or Air Forces and they look so good but you can also pass on those for some sandals or heeled mules.


Something I really struggle with sometimes is finding a balance between color and then neutrals in my closet. I love neutrals and wearing clothes that don’t stand out too much but colorful clothes all over my Instagram feed is a new aesthetic obsession of mine that I have to take a part of. This is another reason why the Zara spring collection is really calling my name because the pink jeans, green jackets, and colorful pants and skirts are so adorable that I need to get my hands on one. If you struggle with wearing color and adding it to your wardrobe as well, I totally get you.


Heeled mules are my latest obsession this Spring as well and at first I wasn’t a huge fan. I was like “either be a heel and be tall, or don’t be a heel” because they are so small that I didn’t really get the point of them. But of course, the power of social media and different people putting together really cute outfits either on Tiktok or on Instagram, made me come onto their side. Zara has the biggest collection of these shoes in an insane amount of colors so you’re good to go for where you want to shop next to get your hands on these. They also have a ton of cute platform sandals that I am dying to get for my next vacations!

Bags + Accessories

Every outfit whether it’s bummy or over the top always needs accessories. Zara has got you with the best accessories for your hair, necklaces, and tote bags that are so adorable. They also have a bunch of tote bags and shoulder bags that look so much more expensive than they actually are and I am obsessed with them!! I showed some below that I really want to get this Spring and bring them into the Summer with me because they can be dressed up with a skirt and heels, or dressed down with jeans, a crop top, and sneakers! Hair scarves are also something I really need to try this Spring so that I can spice up my hair and not do the same thing all the time so I really want to experiment more.


Lastly is knitwear which is an obsession from Fall that I still have to drag into Spring. The amount of knitwear that I collected this Fall and Winter is too much for me and I am still not ready to let go of them but I have to. I love knitted vest especially and they can make an outfit so much less basic that you need to get one. Even if you are unsure how it will look on you, you won’t regret getting it. I walked into H&M not expecting to get one, but of course I walked out with two, a cream and a black that were both on sale and they have gotten me so many compliments. They also make you look expensive while also being casual and cute so get your hands on these immediately.

Thank you so much for reading! 
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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.

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