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For any occasion or event you’re attending, it’s not only important that you’re dressed to impress, but that you aren’t empty handed and the best way to show your love within a gift, is through thoughtful and meaningful ones. Every year on my birthday, for holidays such as Christmas, when I graduated from school and more, I made sure to keep every card that I received. There’s something that is so special about holding on to these cards that is not only sentimental, but just being able to look back at them time and time again to remember that moment, means everything. The next time you’re looking to really give that special someone, family member, parent, or friend a card, I have found your solution to go beyond your average birthday or holiday card.

Basic Invite is one of the very few creative and unique websites out there in which gives customers the best service for any kind of card they’re looking to buy. They provide unlimited color options and as you’re customizing them, you can even get an instant preview which is perfect for seeing how your vision is coming to life. It’s very simple to use and all you have to do is choose the design that would be perfect for who you’re giving it to, adjust any color details to your choice, and pick from over 180 different colors to find your perfect match.

What sets apart Basic Invite from a lot of others websites I have seen out there in terms of cards is their service and how unique it is. I’m someone who is really big on physical gifts that will last a lifetime and you are definitely getting every penny worth out of these cards when you see how they come out, and how much they will mean to who is receiving it. Basic Invite really is anything but basic! You will be sure to stand out from the average cards you see out there when you’re trying to find a last minute gift for someone.

With summer almost coming to an end soon, everyone will begin the rush for holiday shopping, Black Friday deals, long lines at the mall for flash sales, and much more stress. Getting ahead of the game with Basic Invite is going to save you much more time with their personalized holiday cards, 2021 photo Christmas cards, and holiday cards for businesses! They have got you covered in every department you need. It’s never too early to get started in how you are going to take on the holidays for you and loved ones with cards. The best part is that they’re perfect for hanging around the house either in your office, mailing to family, or just for photo memories of a moment that was special to you.

Before you decide to checkout and you’ve seen your preview for the cards, you can get some printed samples of invitations before you order the rest for any event or occasion. This allows you to feel much more confident in what you’re ordering and they’re going to be perfect. As someone who is a perfectionist myself, I have to make sure that almost anything I do or order is to my liking and having a samples feature that is provided by Basic Invite, is something I wish a lot of other brands did.

As soon as your cards are purchased, you can instantly share a link on any of your social media pages for others to see! With the world being so up to date with everything online and almost having everything around us go digital, this allows you to share your cards or invitations with even more people at an instant. Make sure to check it out while you are in the design process which also allows you to choose foil cards in gold, silver, or rose gold, and with a flat or foiled feature. This address capturing service is perfect for anyone to share and all addresses are privately stored in the account for the customer providing the best privacy. There is no cost to this either!

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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