Trendy Home Decor Ideas: Summer Edition

Just like trends are coming and going within the fashion industry, home decor is quickly changing too and with summer just beginning, now is the perfect time to prep your living space for the warmer weather with some trendy and fun pieces to add. Home decor doesn’t have to be boring and there is so much inspiration everywhere. You can go on Tiktok and find people dedicating videos every day to how they make their home more stylish and classy, or colorful and cute while staying on a budget.

I have curated some of the best inspiration that I have found via Pinterest and Instagram and have put them together into this post so that if you’re on the hunt for a new look, you’re at the right spot. From colors, to neutrals, minimalism, and more, scroll down to start finding your next decor inspiration and idea.

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My room is my favorite space in my house and it means everything to me. It gives me peace and privacy. I have recently starting to add more things to my room that give me comfort so that I feel even more in my element so adding little things here and there, or spoiling yourself to make your room perfect for you is something we all need to do. This is the room you most likely spend a lot of time in so giving yourself the little things to make the space more comfortable is always a positive. I definitely want to add more organization into my room and even some small decor like plants, and especially seeing this colorful trend on tiktok!

Living Room

Although I spend the least amount of time here, this is the show stopper of almost anyone’s house and should always be the main event because this is where people will be coming to hang out, have some drinks, maybe watch a movie, or it can be the place you choose to want to unwind at night. Having a comfy couch, good lighting, some shelving for books, decor such as plants, and more can liven up a space entirely. You also don’t have to break the bank finding some good decor and it can be a fun project with friends to set up some furniture together with music and snacks.


My bathroom definitely needs the most work when it comes to my living space and these colorful crates have been everywhere on my TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. I would so love to get one of these since I work with a pretty average amount of brands every month and would love to have a great organized space to hold these items and skincare. Having these creates is also perfect because they fold up so you ca easily store them up when necessary. There’s other ways you can organize as well such as with acrylic organizers, shelving, and more.


The one room in the house we all love the most is the kitchen for sure. Who doesn’t love some snacks? Having tableware, and cups or plates that all match is a huge thing I want to do when I get my own space so that I can feel as if the kitchen has a vibe going for it. These also aren’t super expensive and you can go to H&M Home or Amazon to find cheap and affordable home decor. Target is also perfect for finding literally everything you need and you don’t have to make your wallet empty.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.