How To Make Time For The Most Important Person In Your Life: Yourself

Life is too short to be unhappy, mad, sad or anything in between. We should be grateful for everyday we have on this Earth where we are living, breathing, laughing, running and more. Within this post, you will find how you can break down everyday into being more organized to finding time for a hobby, making time for what’s important to you, getting a detox from your phone and social media and much more. We all deserve to live our best lives and it starts little by little.

Our life can change so much and we only have so much time to do something about it so start now and making time for what is really important to you.

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Making time for yourself can be hard, especially when you feel like you’re juggling so much all at once. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been able to find small ways and tips that I believe can definitely help out anyone, even in the slightest when it comes to making time for themselves and really indulging in self-care.

  1. Identify what you want to prioritize within your everyday routine
    1. Everyday we have our routines whether it’s work, school, skincare, exercising, and more. However, maybe there are small things we wish we could make more time for but never have found a way to make it work. Make a list of things you want to prioritize and make more time for by writing it down in a list. This list can be “workout for at least 30 minutes a day, get at least one hour of fresh air outside after work, read for 15 minutes before bed, budget for the month, etc.” All of these are great examples of what you can do to slowly incorporate this into your everyday routine and you’ll find yourself in a few weeks getting used to this too!
    2. It doesn’t have to be crazy big goals either and you can start off small then slowly get to your bigger goals. Maybe you want to save a certain amount of money by a certain time, treat yourself to a vacation by the end of the year, and anything else.
  1. Have a specific day throughout the week or time where you focus solely on this
    1. Dedicate yourself to have one day whether it’s a Sunday reset or even Monday night, make sure you’re giving yourself a day to get the week prepared. Feeling like you have everything laid out and ready for the week is perfect to know what you’re doing each day.
    2. Grab a journal or calendar, highlighters, Post-its and anything else you need to color code and block out everything you’re doing. Maybe you want to read every night on weekdays, and have a workout in every other day, etc. The more you stick to this, the more your body and mind gets used to it.
  2. Make it fun and personalize this routine to yourself
    1. I know I can’t do anything without making it my own whether that’s getting cute outfits for a workout, new fun journals and pens, a organizing software such as Rella, Klaia and more. Anything to personalize what I’m doing has been super fun and helpful and can even make you more motivated.

Making Time For a Hobby

Finding a hobby is so fun, beneficial and even therapeutic! This can be an activity that you find joy in and have fun doing alone that gets your mind of off everything else in the world. When school, work and everything else in between stresses me out, I love to grab a book and head to the park to read on a blanket and let the sun beam down, or blogging like how I am right now is another great stress reliver because I get to talk about any topic I love and inform my audience of everything within fashion, lifestyle, business and more.

It can be hard to find a hobby if you’re not sure what you like, but that’s the fun in finding one. You can try a bunch of different things out and see what you like best. I recommend doing hobbies alone because that way you can focus on yourself, having peace within doing something on your own, and learning to spend time by yourself. It is the perfect time to get to know who you are and learning more about yourself. It’s scary in the beginning to do these things without someone by your side or having company, but over time you will see just how fun it can be and you will enjoy it even more.

Phone Detox

Spending time away from technology can do so much for your mental health and I’m speaking from experience. When you put your phone down either for a day, a few hours, or even while you’re on a trip, not only will you see more of what’s in front of you but you will really soak everything in of what’s around you. I recently went to Florida last week and after being on my phone for a little on the beach, I put it down, put my sunglasses on and just listened to the water crash in front of me. It was so beautiful and it was something I can definitely get used to.

Putting our phones down can really help in little ways and I’ve been finding myself reading for an hour as opposed to scrolling through social media before I go to sleep. Not always looking at what other people are doing online or seeing the inside scope to their life can also help anyone who may have FOMO or anxiety of their own lives not being as eventful. We only see one side of everything online so make sure you are not comparing your life to someone else’s because there’s only so much we can see.

Thank you so much for reading! 
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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.