How To Not Fall Under The Pressure of Social Media: Overworking, ‘Perfect’ Lives & More

After constantly seeing videos and pictures on social media of people rebranding their entire lives as the new year has officially approached, is this something positive that we should all follow or is this actually harmful and creating a false narrative for us to consistently be living our best lives? Read along for a reminder to not compare yourself to what you’re seeing. online

Best Collaborations of 2021: Sneakers, Clothing & More

With 2021 being an amazing year full of fashion, new trends, accessories, and more, we’ve rounded up everything that you may or may not have missed when it comes to the world of collaborations. Many brands have done their part in how they have worked with other companies to keep their consumers wondering what will come next and honestly, we’re here for it all.

The 15+ Cool Girl Must-Haves and Essentials: Tiktok Edition

Whether you’re looking to add more items in your closet, or want to get a complete upgrade, the Tiktok creators have spoken and these are some of the items you have got to have. You may even have some of these pieces already. Be prepared to look like that girl on the street that everyone is wondering where she got her outfit from.

Virgil Abloh: A Tribute, History of Off-White & His Work Within Fashion

The luxury fashion label Off-White founded by Virgil Abloh in 2012 produced everything from shoes, to clothing, furniture and more. As Abloh has peacefully passed away on November 28th, 2021, read along to see some of his influential work within the fashion industry, popular collaborations, where he grew up and more.

Best of SKIMS: Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (Everything Under $100)

It’s the time of year where you can now add everything you’ve been wanting from the SKIMS collections throughout the year, onto your Christmas wishlist or maybe you want to spoil yourself! This list takes everything from the SKIMS best seller list to some personal favorites you see everyone raving about on social media.

Why The Future Of Marketing Is Completely On Social Media

With the changes happening on social media everyday, it’s crazy to think how many different ways it can be used not just for sharing snippets of your life, but also for your business. Even working straight from your phone or laptop has become possible. Read on for why marketing on TikTok is so hot right now.


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