Ultimate Brown Color Palette Takeover: Why Everyone Is Styling This

The color brown made a comeback in fashion towards the end of 2020 and we are here for it. It is a color that not a lot would typically go towards when you’re out shopping, but after seeing everyone style it on TikTok, I’ve got to buy that Brown North Face Jacket.

Weekend Trip Essentials: Snow Cabin Edition

Dreaming of that snowy getaway in a cabin? Snowboarding and skiing all morning then getting cozy by the fire at night with a warm cup of hot chooclate? Bundling up before you hit the slopes? Scroll throughout this post for all the feels on this snowy aesthetic.

Guizio Lookbook: Sweaters, Loungewear, Corsets & More

In this lookbook, you’ll find pieces you can wear when going out with your girls, a night out in the city, staying in for a movie night and snacks, or even flying out on a vacation. Stand out with your outfit the next time you’re heading out the house, no matter how dressy or casual.

Should Brands Use Clothing And Products To Encourage People To Vote?

Voting is a topic which everyone has different opinions on and many popular brands have hopped on to making clothing, products, and accessories to encourage people to vote. Even celebrity endorsements have been huge to get people to the polls. But is this merely a trend just for brands to get more exposure and money from consumers, or do they actually want more voters for this election?

20 Lessons From 2020: Life, Manifestation, Failure & More

Give yourself the care you deserve, write down crazy goals that you want to accomplish, don’t waste time and energy on anyone who doesn’t deserve it, have less doubt with your dreams, be positive and kinder to your soul — these are some of the many lessons I learned throughout 2020.

Normalize Self-Care: Not Just For Sad Days

Self-care shouldn’t only matter when you’re experiencing a rough or upsetting moment in life. Practicing taking care of your mind, body, and heart are the biggest component of self-care. Read along for 5 types to ways to give yourself the maintenance you deserve.

The 10 Best Bags of 2020: Classy, Designer & Affordable Edition

Want to splurge on a new bag for yourself or need some inspo for that outfit you’ve been dying to wear but have no bag for it? Read on for the 10 bags that definitely took over 2020. Whether you’re dressing them up with some heels, or making a run for coffee and throw it on with a sweatsuit, these bags are perfect for you.


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