Wear This Next: @matildadjerf Edition

The style, aesthetic, and life of Matilda Djerf is not only dreamy, but full of beauty, color, and fun! After following Djerf on social media for many years, there are definitely some outfits she has worn that are perfect inspiration for your next event, brunch date, or casual day out. Read on for what you can wear next.

Custom Invitations & Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

Basic Invite is beyond your basic gifting when it comes to finding the perfect card for any occasion or holiday. Read on for how you can take your card gifting to the next level when you are looking for customizable and unique ways to go beyond the average cards. Whether it’s for holidays, weddings, birthdays and more, they’ve got you covered.

Trendy Home Decor Ideas: Summer Edition

Home decor is changing every season just like fashion. Staying up to date with fun and trendy pieces, that can also be classy enough to stay up all year round is always essential. If you have been looking to add something new to your room, or give a new energy to a space, this is your sign.

Summer Essentials: Tote & Handbag Edition

Never worry again about what bag you will grab from your closet the next time you are heading out the door. Making sure you’re buying classy bags, and not items that will come and go can definitely help you find more value and worth. Read on to find the perfect bag just for you.

Olivia Starling: Founder & CEO of Starlette Galleria

Read about Olivia Starling, the full-time mom, founder and CEO of Starlette Galleria from Wyoming who shares her story from how she sparked the idea of her brand, to doubts she had to overcome, and how she brings fresh ideas for her audience. Starling proves that even when she has her off days, she is still working hard to provide the best she can.

The Story Behind Glamour & Guide: How It Happened

Within less than a year of starting Glamour & Guide, it has been read by over 10k people, has had several Influencers big and small featured, reviewed dozens of brands, and more. If you’ve ever had an idea for a passion project or want to make your hobby more than what it is, this is your sign and read on to learn.

June Favorites: Coffee & Self-Care Roundup

From makeup, to skincare, self-care, and coffee, this post has got you covered for the start of summer. I have rounded up my favorites and brands that have reached out to me for this June Favorites. I’ve got you!

The Coconut Girl Trend: Your Ultimate Guide To This Style

If you have TikTok or Instagram, there’s almost no way you have missed the latest trend this summer. From colorful beaded jewelry, pastels, crochet bags and dresses, to abstract nails, and hibiscus flower prints. Move over because this summer, the TikTok girls decide what everyone is going to be wearing.

The Not So Basic, Basics Edit

The foundation of your closet should always be built upon clothing that are basics, but can be worn with anything! It makes it so much easier for those days when you have no idea what to wear. Find the best pieces to include in your closet if you’re just starting out and upgrading your basics collection.

Shorts and Skirts: A Summer Lookbook

Looking for a cute way to add something new to wardrobe? Maybe you want to keep it cute but also casual, whether it’s for brunch or a date! Beat the heat with all of these fun ways to spice up some shorts and skirts so you’re ready for any occasion!


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