10 Skincare Brands You Probably Didn’t Know About

Over the past several months, I have been lucky enough and am so grateful to have tried so many different skincare brands after they have sent me their products. But besides the very well known and more easily recognized companies, I wanted to compile some of these skincare brands that I’ve done a bit of research on after digging through Instagram. There’s so many companies out there that we don’t know about and this includes within the skincare industry.

In this post, you’ll find 10 different skincare brands that you may want to try next and probably haven’t heard about before! I definitely want to show love and invest in some of these products as well because they sound great and look like they will do wonders to your skin. I have linked the social media accounts as well to each skincare brand so you can check it out for yourself.

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1. Farmacy Beauty

“We respect the planet and all its inhabitants. We believe every person deserves access to fresh greens and healthy meals. We believe it’s our duty to make sustainable choices. We believe in cruelty-free products.”FarmacyBeauty.com

2. French Girl Organics

At FRENCH GIRL, we believe in the power of self-care and conscious consumption to create a healthier worldview and a better world. Through organic, sustainable ingredients, ethical business practices, and a fair trade, cruelty-free supply chain, it is our mission to support the Earth, to celebrate self-love, and to make life beautiful.” – Frenchgirlorganics.com

3. Leahlani Skincare

“Leahlani is a Hawaii-based artisanal skincare collection, infused with the island’s abundant blooming botanicals, vibrant fruit nectars, and lush tropical beauty oils. Composed by hand in our Kauai studio, our sumptuous formulations balance the complexion and uncover your skin’s true natural radiance. With potent organic actives, rich texture, and evocative fragrance, Leahlani transforms your daily skincare routine into a luxurious ritual of beauty.” – leahlaniskincare.com

4. Bubble Skincare

“Skin happens. But it’s just stuff we deal with, not the stuff that defines us. You’re defined by how you show up. By the face you show the world. That’s what we’re here to support—with skincare that helps you deal with the small stuff so you can put your best face forward. Skincare that builds you up instead of helping you blend in.” – hellobubble.com

5. Wildsmith Skin

We nurture a deep connection to the natural world – restoring the relationship between native plants and humans. We use the latest plant derived bioactive, botanicals, and minerals combined with targeted delivery systems to give clinically proven benefits.”wildsmithskin.com

6. Beekman 1802

“Beekman 1802 was born when our founders Josh and Dr. Brent moved to the historic Beekman 1802 farm in rural Sharon Springs, NY. There they found a tightknit community and 100 goats looking for a home. Next thing you know, they were making goat milk soap at the kitchen table. They shared with Neighbors, and before long, stories started pouring in about the soap’s incredible effects. Upstate winters are hard, particularly on skin, but the soap cleared up one Neighbor’s eczema and another’s rosacea. Folks with sensitive skin raved.”beekman1802.com

7. Naturally Serious Skincare

“Naturally Serious is committed to using clean, good-for-you ingredients and no B.A.D. (Banned, Ambiguous or Debatable) ingredients. If an ingredient is recognized as the latter, you won’t find it in our formulas. Instead, we pack every product with a naturally powerful alternative: Our patented Anti-Pollution Blend of 6 anti-oxidants (pomegranate, goji berry, grape seed, green tea, red tea and white tea), which is clinically tested to help combat visible signs of aging from environmental damage.”naturallyseriousskin.com

8. Grace & Stella

Launched in 2016, grace & Stella was built on a dedication for ‘feel-good moments’, and the principle that these moments positively impact other aspects of life. Little ‘feel-goods’ domino into big ‘feel-goods’, and we’re here for that. Self-care goes beyond skin care—it’s about fostering meaningful connections with one’s self and having fun while doing it.”graceandstella.com

9. Loops Beauty

Whether it’s your face, hair, or body, beauty takes time. It’s a process, it’s a practice, and it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we created face care for both benefits and moments that cater to your daily life. Every Loops mask delivers the highest quality skincare experience. No-slip, no-mess hydrogel sticks to your face so you can put them on and keep going. Few people know the importance of owning your look more than model and actress Emily Ratajkowski.”loopsbeauty.com

10. Krave Beauty

We empower people to believe in the skin they have, not the skin the beauty industry tells them to have. We’re for people who want skincare without the confusion. We’re a skincare company that sells a cleanser while telling you to cleanse less. Our mission is to challenge the fast-paced beauty industry to slow down and help people to #PressReset on the way they look at skincare.”kravebeauty.com

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.

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  1. The only one I’ve heard of is Farmacy! I currently have the toner and love it. I’ve used the Daily Greens Gel Moisturizer from Farmacy too and that I really enjoyed. I’m curious about the rest on here though!💗

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    1. Love to hear that! I didn’t hear about Farmacy until recently when I was scrolling through the Sephora website and they looked like they had good reviews! The other brands as well I’m hoping to try within the next couple of months 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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