June Favorites: Coffee & Self-Care Roundup

Last month’s May Favorites post which will be linked right here did extremely well and all of the brands were super excited to be a part of this post. For June, I was lucky enough to work and collab with 5 new brands and test them out! Shoutout to all these great businesses that work hard everyday and for letting me try them out as well. This month I had the chance to try out Bushbalm, Becca Cosmetics, Javy Coffee, Miami Beach Bum, and Pure Culture Beauty. If you’ve heard of these brands below, make sure to follow them on social media, show some love, and comment a product you want to try from this post.

I’ve linked the Instagram pages to all of the brands I mentioned below so that you can check them out, leave some love, and even see which products you would want to test out for yourself that fit your budget. For the past few weeks as I’ve been testing out these products, I am going to be leaving honest and thoughtful reviews below for everything and shoutout to these brands for being so sweet and once again giving me the chance to test out their products.

*all products and reviews written below are 100% my opinion and were given on a gifted basis for content purposes*

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As I always say, I’m super into self-care and making sure my body is getting all the healthy stuff and care that it needs. I have always struggled with dark spots on my skin whether it’s for my under arms or even in the bikini area. When I found Bushbalm a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to them in hopes to try out this dark spot body scrub and I am obsessed! I am still in the process of waiting a couple more weeks to fully see the results, but the texture of the scrub is amazing. I don’t feel anything rough or uncomfortable when I put it on and it smells amazing. Scent is always an extra thing that I love because then I got huge compliments on what I wear. I’m obsessed with this scrub for sure, and will be using it all summer to see my final results at the end of August.

Miami Beach Bum

Not only did I receive such sweet packaging, but they also included a shirt which was so cute and perfect for summer. I first heard about Miami Beach Bum a few months ago when someone that I follow on Instagram had reposted it and after I checked out their website, it looked really great and I was already on the hunt for a cream that I can use to replace an old one. Although I typically avoid scented creams and lotions because of irritation, I had no irritation whatsoever when I used this cream and it made me so so happy because I finally found my match. It has an amazing minty smell which I am obsessed with because anything minty or with a peppermint scent immediately has me drawn in. During the holidays this is also going to be perfect and I love it so much!

Pure Culture Beauty

I was reached out to try Pure Culture Beauty and after never hearing of them before, I am so glad I know about them now! I first did a skin analysis test, submitted my results online, and was given a serum in which I could test out then receive a custom serum just for me! This was honestly so cool because I have never had something like this custom made for me after taking a test online and they even had my name on it which was so cute. Overall, I did enjoy the serum and I was mainly afraid of my skin looking more oily than it usually does but it didn’t feel heavy at all, and applied very well. I want to definitely incorporate it more into my skincare routine as I have been trying a ton of other products as well, but this is seriously great as well if you want to test out a new serum for your skin that is customized to you.

Javy Coffee

For the past year, I have been figuring out ways to try out coffee to make at home and how it can taste as good as how it is made when I go to Dunkin or Starbucks. I was reached out to by this brand and am so grateful that they did! Not only did I receive the coffee concentrate, but some cute reusable straws and a cleaner as well. What I loved about the concentrate is that it tasted so good, and now I just have to perfect my exact coffee order, add some more fun things like caramel drizzles, and I will never have to go out for coffee again. Thanks Javy Coffee for saving me and my wallet!

Becca Cosmetics

Despite me not being a huge makeup fan, I want to get more into and test out products from brands that might work well for me and my skin. I was also so afraid that this shade wasn’t going to work well for me but I was so wrong! This was exactly my shade and it wasn’t cake, applied perfectly, and the packaging was seriously so cute. I’ve heard about Becca Cosmetics since I was in middle school so having the chance to collaborate with them was amazing and I’m so happy to have had this opportunity. I definitely loved the highlight and I got great coverage on my skin with the tint, without having anything on my skin. I’d seriously recommend for summer and getting that shine.

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Author: Pamela Valdez

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