May Favorites Skincare & Self-Care Roundup

I am a huge skincare and self-care junkie so I can never have enough of it! I’m always on the hunt and on the lookout reading reviews for new brands, finding products to try out, and even have some brands reach out to me asking if I would like to test out their products which is something I’m grateful for! This month, I received a bunch of skincare from some really cool brands and even some I’ve never heard of that have given me the opportunity to test out their products and I’m obsessed!!

I’ve linked the Instagram pages to all of the brands I mentioned below so that you can check them out, leave some love, and even see which products you would want to test out for yourself that fit your budget. For the past few weeks as I’ve been testing out these products, I am going to be leaving honest and thoughtful reviews below for everything and shoutout to these brands for being so sweet and once again giving me the chance to test out their products.

*all products and reviews written below are 100% my opinion and were given on a gifted basis for content purposes*

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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I have been bouncing around from Carmex to Blister, Burts Bees, and many more other chapstick brands to see which would fit best for me and after using Carmex for so many years, I decided to switch it up and while I was at Tj Maxx, I found a bunch of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks which I have been dying to try. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I went back a few days later and to my surprise it was still there! I bought one and have not gone back to any other chapstick since then. I even got my boyfriend to start using it. It is seriously the best, makes your lips so soft, and I know a lot of people have different opinions about this drying out your lips, but trust me you have to try the Mint Choco one and you’ll be amazed. I ended buying a second one off of Amazon because I couldn’t find it again at TJ Maxx or at Sephora so Amazon will be my go-to for replacing these every other month. They are under $20 with shipping and tax induced so it’s worth every penny.


As the end of the semester was approaching, I found myself having less time for self-care and I am someone, who as I mentioned before, is obsessed with skincare and self-care so I knew I wanted to try out some new face masks or anything to just make my skin feel good. I am also extremely careful about the kind of face masks I put on because my skin can be weird sometimes and break out. I recently tried this matcha powder face mask from PRESSOLOGY called the Moringa Mask and it made my skin so smooth and good! I recently have been breaking a bit the last two weeks and after I used this, I felt so refreshed and I could not stop feeling how smooth my face was. The best part is that this is a WOC brand, it’s sustainable with ethical ingredients, and they are part of 1% for the Planet which gives back to our Earth. I definitely am going to be incorporating this mask into my weekly self-care routine and will make sure that I give myself the time that I need to just relax. Get this mask if you want something new for your skincare routine, or just want to try a new brand. Don’t forget to mention them on instagram when you use it because the founder (Sally Nasser) is so incredibly sweet and the kindest!

Babe Lash

From January to March, I was using Castor Oil that I ordered online to see if I can finally achieve the long lash look I have been dying to achieve. I even contemplated getting lash extensions or a life for the longest time because I have always been so insecure of my short lashes while everyone else in my family was blessed with a naturally long look. I saw another influencer post about Babe Lash, so I reached out and was given the opportunity to test out their product which was so exciting because the one thing I have always wanted in my everyday look, is just beautiful lashes without having to wear makeup or get a refill every couple of weeks. Besides the insanely cute packaging, it is so easy to carry anywhere you go and you only need to use the applicator once on both of your lashes to start seeing results. I used it about 3-4 times a week at night before I went to sleep for a little over month. I inserted a before and after below so you can truly see the difference of how short my lashes were to now how much more full they are looking! And to think I was using Castor Oil for 3 months when I could’ve been using this! If you’re thinking about getting this or want something new to try for your lashes to really see results fast and great, Babe Lash is for you!

(Left Photo: April 4th — Right Photo: May 20th)

Le Miuex

Scrolling through Instagram stories and posts, I happened to see a fellow influencer post about Le Miuex and I did a little bit of stalking of course through their social media before I reached out! Besides the beautiful and luxurious packaging which also sold me, I wanted to spice up my current routine because I’ve only ever used a face wash, moisturizer, and then sunscreen before heading off to my day and doing what I have to do. Thanks so much to Le Miuex because they definitely spoiled me with a bunch of products to try out and the Iso-Cell Recovery Solution and Hyaluronic Serum have been on my top list of favorite products so far from this bundle they sent me. Let’s just pause for a moment for when you scroll down and see how beautiful the packaging is, plus the handwritten note they left which is something I always save from any brand that sends me anything. I am always very careful about what I apply to my skin because especially with summer coming around, I want to achieve that natural glow without makeup so having this serum helps me achieve that glowing highlight and it’s now my go-to. The Sheer Hydration moisturizer doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or thick like other moisturizers I’ve tried. The Perfect Renewal leaves your skin refreshed, and not stick or with a weird smell after. Instead it’s very hydrating, and comes with pads you can apply it with as well. As soon as I’m done using these products, I’m definitely going to be refilling and re-stocking!


My current face wash is from Clinique and what I love about it, is how great my skin feels after which after trying dozens of other drugstore brand face washes, I knew I had found my match. I was a little hesitant to try another face wash foam and seeing if it it would affect my skin but the bubbly sensation and citrus smell is everything! I also love anything that has a citrus smell in it and it’s definitely a weakness of mine so this automatically drew me to it. I also love cute packaging and Purerb includes all of the ingredients within it right on the front so there’s nothing to hide, and you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin with no secrets. The size of the bottle is great as well so for what you pay for, it is a great size!

Thank you so much for reading! 
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