Sunday Moodboard

Sunday in bed, fresh flowers from the shop, reading in the morning, biscuit mini banana rolls for lunch, new bed sheets — a Sunday moodboard

Saturday moodboard

Comfy and simple color palette for today, biker shorts with grey long sleeve, warm bubble bath with wine and a book, raspberry, tea, honey, catching up on shows, watching the sunset from bed fill up your room, Grey knitted blanket to nap — a Saturday moodboard

Friday moodboard

Working out in the morning, green tea for breakfast with toast, sitting in the sunlight, open windows in your room, faux fur slippers throughout the house with sweats, sweet bread and ice cream for dessert, lighting a candle at night — a Friday moodboard

Tuesday moodboard

Trench coat, strawberries as a mid day snack before going out, grabbing the newspaper from the front, new balance sneakers, breakfast with lover on the apartment balcony feeling the wind, blue hoodie and sweats, sipping orange juice and eating croissants — a Tuesday moodboard

Monday moodboard

Beautiful day today, avocado spread with bananas for breakfast before class, misty blue trench coat with rubbed knit pants a scarf and sneakers, sitting on white couches watching the sunset, white tulips from your lover in your apartment — a Monday March moodboard

Friday moodboard

Cloudy afternoons, warm toast with butter and boiled eggs, long black coat, gray straight pants, soft wind and rain, clean apartment, marble table tops and gentle sunlight in the evening, stopping by to see plants and flowers going home — a Friday moodboard