Wear This Next: @matildadjerf Edition

The style, aesthetic, and life of Matilda Djerf is not only dreamy, but full of beauty, color, and fun! After following Djerf on social media for many years, there are definitely some outfits she has worn that are perfect inspiration for your next event, brunch date, or casual day out. Read on for what you can wear next.

Saturday moodboard

Comfy and simple color palette for today, biker shorts with grey long sleeve, warm bubble bath with wine and a book, raspberry, tea, honey, catching up on shows, watching the sunset from bed fill up your room, Grey knitted blanket to nap — a Saturday moodboard

Friday moodboard

Working out in the morning, green tea for breakfast with toast, sitting in the sunlight, open windows in your room, faux fur slippers throughout the house with sweats, sweet bread and ice cream for dessert, lighting a candle at night — a Friday moodboard