5 Best Marketing Tools for Businesses Big and Small

Knowing how to get your business and your brand out there is so important when it comes to marketing, growing your audience, finding new customers, and more. When I was in the beginning stages of creating my blog and getting it ready to go live, I had no idea where I could even start for people on the internet to see my posts or what my blog was about. After creating several blogs over the years and being on social media for so long, I have definitely picked up a thing or two when it comes to marketing and how I do it for my blog.

Whether you are looking to build up a business, get your blog or brand out there, or simply want new ways to expand your current knowledge on how you use marketing, this will be a very useful blog post for how you can figure this out for yourself and incorporate these into your own life. Putting a business out there is much easier said than done and will take a lot of work but in the end, will be so worth it when you start to see numbers expanding and your hard work paying off. If there is a tool on here that you use or you liked and will be trying out, leave a comment and enjoy!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the easiest and best ways to promote and market your business. Besides actually using Pinterest for pinning pictures and inspiration, I also use Pinterest for:

  • My blog / blog content
  • My Instagram
  • Like To Know It Posts

Not only have I reached over 40k monthly views every month on my pins, I have had one of the pins I created for my blog that has reached over 9k views, 60+ saves, as well as link clicks to my actual blog. When you post something at Pinterest that is your own picture and you add a link to it, the right caption and title, the chances of someone clicking the picture to find more information leading them to the website is very high.

So how can you use Pinterest for your own use and gain the views and grow your audience? Breaking it down into some simple steps below:

  • Create a Pinterest business account to view your statistics, ads, and insights
    • You can also put a website link in your bio whether it’s for a blog or your Instagram, etc.
  • Create boards and pins that are worth someone clicking and viewing
    • Pictures and pins need to be eye-catching or interesting with some kind of information or feature to get people to click it
    • Figure out exactly what type of boards and pictures you’re going to pin
      • Fashion, Business, Art, Poems, Blogging Tips, etc.
  • Build a professional and clean profile on Pinterest with a good bio and picture.
    • This is the first impression someone will have on your account if they find it
    • What will make them want to follow you?
  • Join a lot of boards in which will promote you (community boards)
    • The benefit from these that not a lot of people realize are that the more specific to your niche you are, others will see your pins as well
    • You must also remain active in these in order to stay in there and not just for promoting yourself

2. Google Suite

Google is something very overlooked when it comes to marketing and finding your audience including the kind of growth you want to see. Some of the features of Google Suite are:

  • Google Drive
    • You can keep all of your files, documents, sheets, etc. in your personal drive and it is so easy to access with the search bar.
    • Organization with Google Drive is so great and simple to learn to use if you’re new to it.
  • Google Docs
    • Creating documents and sharing them with people who are in your team or need to take certain notes for you, or even for yourself is perfect because it is so easy to share documents by email, edit, and make suggestions for any work on there.
  • Google Forms and Sheets
    • Using forms and sheets are so perfect if you are managing multiple deadlines, need dates for things to be done, storing information, and more.
    • These can also be shared with people in your team or others.
  • Google Calendar
    • You can date down anything you need to be done, important days, reminders, and more.
    • This is beneficial towards managing marketing and such because you can write down days which may be higher for you, or days which are a little bit slower.

The best part besides it being free is that when you use Google Suite, you can log into your Google account through any device and you will automatically be able to access all of your documents, files, calendar, and more. Unlike Apple Devices and others, you don’t get all of the features when logging in from another device.

3. Canva

For those who haven’t heard of Canva, it is an online application that you can use from your computer, or download onto your phone and it is used for creating your own designs and graphics. With so much on there for free, it is easy to use it for your own content and customize it yourself.

Below is an example of a Canva design I customized to fit my blog Glamour and Guide and it is what I use to post all my blog posts on through Instagram. Not only was it free of course, but I learned how to design it to fit my blog colors, added in a caption to give a small excerpt of what the post is about, the title, a picture and then the hashtags and blog website.

So many people overlook Canva because they don’t want to put in the work to customize a design they can post on social media, but it seriously is one of the best tools and I recommend it to anyone. From animated pictures, to media kits, and more, you can find hundreds of templates, editing features, and stock images for you to use.

When you create something that is eye-catching, fun, and pretty, people will want to click it and see it. Therefore when you use Canva, not only can these be put on your social media (such as Pinterest which I mentioned above!) but it is going to elevate your regular posts that you’re promoting or using other templates for.

4. WordPress

WordPress is the platform on which I use right now for my blog. Having used WordPress for years, not only have I seen the features and it’s format grow and develop, but I have noticed just how much better it is than compared to other writing platforms.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, creating a website, or doing anything along those lines, using WordPress is great for marketing when it comes to a business or if you want to check ads and statistics of what you are posting online. On a blogging and website platform, it is important that you put SEO into how you are writing. If you don’t know where you begin with SEO or don’t even have a clue on what it is, check out my previous blog post on “What is SEO: Beginner’s Guide & Why It’s So Important” post here.

So how does WordPress incorporate marketing besides ads and managing stats on your content? Depending the plan that you buy, you can also use plugins if you have the Business Plan which unfortunately is $300 for those who are a little on the fence about buying it or self-host your website, but it is so worth it!

With plugins, it really helps when it comes to succeeding with marketing because you are able to add more functions on your blog that will help you see your audience and what keeps them to your content, wanting to see more, etc.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is a marketing tool that some people may not have heard about as well but after seeing several Youtubers who are bloggers talk about how Tailwind has significantly helped them increase their reach, I knew I had to learn more about it.

Tailwind is specifically used for Pinterest, they have now added Instagram but it is way more popular for posting your pins. So how do you use Tailwind? Instead of working yourself and putting Pins in boards or adding content to your blog and seeing no visitors, you upload your pins to the app and throughout the day, it is uploaded.

Not only is half the work saved for you to do, but you are able to have this done automatically and just like Pinterest groups, there are also Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes are what bloggers use to drive traffic to their pins, their account, and their actual blog or social media. Traffic is shown significantly within just a couple of weeks and even days too! You simply just find your niche, join, and start posting your content but also seeing others too. These do come with a price every month, but it so worth for you to see results.

Thank you so much for reading! 

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Author: Pamela Valdez

Content Writer Intern for She's SINGLE Magazine, Social Media Marketing Intern, and PR Editorial Intern for Access by NKC. Pursuing fashion industry and will be an upcoming undergraduate at FIT.

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